Latest Trend in Validation & Verification – TFS Browser Based Test Management

Visual Studio Update 2 added a light weight browser based test management to the already set of rich test features in the Visual Studio family.  The goal of these test features are to enable development teams an easy way of viewing and editing test cases, give manual testers a way of testing (both Windows and non-Windows) environments without needing to install anything and enable end users to execute tests on their own computers.

The purpose of this feature is to provide light weight test case management via a browser and this is something that a lot of our customers have been asking us about.

To start with, if you are using Team Foundation Service on premise then you will need to install Update 2 CTP 2 in order to enable the test feature.

So here we can see if we have logged onto Team Web Access you will see the new link “Test” hub:

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An Investigation over Unit Testing

Unit testing sounds great to me, but I’m not sure I should spend any time really learning it unless I can convince others that is has significant value. I have to convince the other testers’ and, more importantly, the bean-counters in management, that all the extra time spent learning the testing framework, writing tests, keeping them updated, etc. will pay for itself, and then some.

Where is the hard evidence that will convince the laymen that unit testing is worth the effort?

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How Agile Methodology Challenge Testing

How agile methodology challenge testing and what test strategies should be opted to deal with those challenges?

There is a growing adoption of scrum and other agile methodologies. Every software development model, whether it’s Sequential or Spiral or Incremental or Agile, has testing implication. Some of these implications challenges testing.

I am trying to discuss those challenges to testing so that our client or reader of this blog can understand the issues faced with Scrum and Agile methodology. I am also suggesting some of the testing strategies which should be chosen to mitigate or reduce challenges and risks. To my experience of testing different agile or scrum based projects, following are the common challenges faced:

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Non-Functional Requirements: What, Why and How?

“Where there is a need there is a way”, is the primary path to achieve any kind of goal, applicable to every human being. But how to achieve this goal effectively, timely and accurately is the most important part of this achievement, otherwise invested efforts returns turns in to zero..!!

Same way it is applicable to the every application in current software market, i.e.: If you have your store of online shopping and you have developed very attractive website for that with full of categorized information, latest trends wise, size wise and off course budget wise information with full size of high resolution images available, to achieve your goal about 1000 online transactions/day.

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