How a Dedicated Developer Hired in India Can Help You Grow Your Business


As an IT Services Provider or a Software Product Development Company, when you consider outsourcing, Offshore-software-outsourcing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

It is at it best when done repeatedly and that’s where full time dedicated time and material engagement model works well. In this model, you hire a dedicated developer from an outsourcing service provider company and make the best use of his or her capabilities in your projects.

Here’s how such a dedicated developer can help you take your business to the next level.

  • Saves dollars: You do not need to invest in hiring, training and maintaining talents at your end. You can obtain them for a reasonably low cost in the countries like India. This would allow you to invest your saved dollars from outsourcing in making your customer experience better.
  • You get up-to-date skills: You can select right developer from the pool of available developers. Most offshore software provider companies invest good chunk of their earnings in training and retaining outstanding software engineering talents and that’s where an opportunity rests for you to use latest technologies and standards for your next software project.
  • No hardware, software or office infrastructure cost: You just pay for the hours spent by the developer and that’s it. As a part of providing better services and taking their business to the next heights, outsourcing providers invests heavily in good hardware, software and infrastructures.
  • Complete intellectual property protection: Key success factor of offshore service provider’s business is continuous engagement. Hence, they are interested in continuously serving you well. The most common provision in the Dedicated Developer Contracts is that you reserve intellectual property rights.
  • Assures good quality work: The team of dedicated developers coupled with a Quality Assurance person works best for the business. QA professionals play the role of devil’s advocate and work directly with you and make sure that the project meets its quality expectations.

There are many other pros and cons when you outsource your next software project. However, most of the cons can be handled by good communication and continuous engagements and this is what you should look at while outsourcing your next project.

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