8 things about jQuery which makes it a powerful tool to write rich client side scripting


For whom the client side scripting becomes a headache OR for those who loves client side scripting… jQuery is a great way of doing client side scripting with ease and fun. Playing with HTML DOM elements using jQuery is really a fun and as easy as writing ABCD

Introduction: jQuery is actually an Open Source cross-browser JavaScript library which allows faster and easier JavaScript development then the traditional JavaScript development.

There are 8 things which gives power to the developers for building robust and excellent client side scripts.

  1. Cross browser support :
    Those who have ever written traditional JavaScript, they must have faced problems with diff. browser support and it becomes a tedious stuff for detecting browser behaviors and writing separate logics for all , but jQuery has wiped out all those problem by giving cross browser support. So no more cross-browsing compatibility issues here.
  2. jQuery selectors , manipulation & Traversing
    Every web developers must have used CSS and its syntax for defining styles by class (with DOT) / elements  / element ID (using #), jQuery also uses all common CSS syntax for selecting a set of DOM elements which is called jQuery Selectors.i.e. $(“#sample”)  will return all the DOM elements with [ ID = sample ]
    $(“div.xyz span#abc”) will return only those <span> elements with ID= abc and are child of a <div> with class name “xyz”To learn more you can visit : http://api.jquery.com/category/selectors/
  3. jQuery EventBinding
    jQuery supports all such events like click ,mouse over/move,load, etc. Writing event on any set of DOM elements are also becomes easier with JQ, by just passing a function as a parameter in event binding.
    its as easy as this : $(“#sample”).click(function(){ alert(‘Hi there !’); });
    To learn more you can visit : http://api.jquery.com/category/events/
  4. Callback functions
    jQuery also facilitates the callback functions in many methods which becomes useful while working with animations or any timer based functionalities.i.e.  $(“#sample”).show(“slow”, [ optional callback function ] );
  5. Utilization of JSON
    JSON stands for “JavaScript object notation”. Use of JSON everywhere as an optional parameters makes jQuery more flexible and powerful for passing a set of parameters.
    Jquery utilizes JSON format widely in most of inbuilt functions ,all AJAX methods and in jQuery plug-in development as well.i.e.  $(“#sample”).css({height:”40px”, color:”black” });
  6. jQuery AJAX
    jQuery gives a variety of AJAX functionalities to the developers with extensive use of callbacks for different AJAX events, and a good thing about jQuery AJAX is that we don’t have to take care about cross-browser compatibility issues. and no need to take care of xmlHTTP object n all.
    It gives different functions for all kind of developer’s needsi.e. $(“#sample”).load( [ URL] ); – a very basic function, which will load the HTML from the specified URL into #sample.To learn more visit : http://api.jquery.com/category/ajax/
  7. jQuery plugins
    jQuery plug-in is a concept or we can say a mechanism of making our own functionality generalized by packaging it all together as a plug-in.
    jQuery plug-in offers great portability to the code and of course code re-usability with ease.To learn more visit : http://docs.jquery.com/Tutorials:Getting_Started_with_jQuery#Plug_me:_Writing_your_own_plugins
  8. JQuery UI
    jQuery UI is an Open Source library which is built on core jQuery.
    It can be used to built highly interactive web applications,
    jQuery UI offers a wide range of inbuilt functions for animations, effects , themes mechanism , rich  UI widgets and complex behaviors like Drag-Drop , resizing , selection & sorting.

    • jQuery UI categorizes all functionalities in main 3 section given below
    • Interaction: Covers complex behaviors like Drag-Drop elements, Resizing and Sorting. And provides a wide range of options for handling different behaviors and scenarios
    • Widgets: Fully functional rich UI elements (ultimately jQuery plug-ins) with a Rich User Interface and flexible theming options.
    • Effects: Enables supports of various animation and transition effects like slide,blind,bounce, drop,fade etc.

To learn more visit : http://jqueryui.com/demos/

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