• Global Sourcing Collaborates with Customers to Identify and Source Products
    Gateway sourcing SME collaborate with clients to create higher value with the lowest cost of goods possible

Outsourcing Strategies

Having evolved and matured over the years and working with clients from different industries & geographies combined with outsourcing philosophies, we at Gateway, completely understand the thought processes and expectations of clients having any specific sourcing model in mind.

Gateway is a highly flexible and agile organization and our Flexi Sourcing methodology has successfully adopted the most optimum model suiting each client’s needs. Our Outsourcing Strategies are primarily strengthened by our global presence, robust infrastructure, and a highly skilled team.

Gateway often works with clients to help them define the right outsourcing strategies mostly suited for them. At high level our philosophy for the model to be adopted can be depicted as diagram.

However, the above model further gets customized as each business requirement is unique and various other parameters define the overall outsourcing model fitment.

Gateway believes in working along with the client to identify the business drivers and expectations across the value chain and jointly work to design the most suitable model and the shared goals which are expected to be achieved.