Evolution of Outsourcing

Gateway, in its existence of more than a decade, has been part of the journey that has seen outsourcing evolve at various phases. Using multiple models that suits client needs, Gateway has consistently delivered projects that consists of single application outsourcing, full service outsourcing, transformational outsourcing etc. Over the years, we have evolved and matured in our sourcing models and enhanced the experiences of our peers, as well as ours.

In late nineties and early this century, business had tremendous pressures on costs and hence off-shoring as a delivery model was much in demand. At Gateway we groomed ourselves and are proud to have happy clients who have benefitted with our strong offshore based delivery model. However as business demands changes the focus shifts to partners who are not only cost competitive but cost efficient. This means that the focus was to ensure addressing other aspects of services like local support, effective governance, cultural understanding, and quality deliveries apart from being cost competitive. Gateway was ready and quickly realigned itself by adopting a Global Delivery model with increasing presence across the globe to stay in close comforts with our clients.

Given that pro-activeness has always been our strength, it was a smooth transition for Gateway when the business demand resulted in further evolution of sourcing strategies. This required aligning to providers who look beyond the above parameters and proactively add “business value” to the client. The thought leadership, innovative approaches, and deep understanding of business need has helped us to position ourselves as long term strategic partners to our clients and not just be content of being a mere service provider.

These experiences and learning have positioned us uniquely where our Flexi Sourcing model helps us in adopting the best suited sourcing and delivery model designed for each client.

Trends in IT Outsourcing

Pre 1991   1991-2000   2000-2004   Post 2004
Business Context
Most IT systems based around mainframes   Focus on core competence
apid advances in telecom
  Technology bubble burst and the economy took a downturn   Benefits from traditional outsourcing have plateaued
Business Drivers
Early adapters experiment with outsourcing   Accelerate time to market
Manage growth
Access to skills
  Quick fix to saving costs as budgets came under pressure   Efficiency