Facebook Game Framework

With the evolution of social media platforms, social media gaming has emerged as a new dimension of gaming industry. Gateway has evolved with the upcoming trends in the gaming industry. Gateway has experience in developing large and complex game framework with various game modules, as well as in developing end to end social media game with interactive features and game play.

Gateway can implement a multi game platform for Face book and other social media platforms by leveraging its experience and knowledge.

Technical expertise

  • Iso-metric engine implementation
  • Facebook Actionscript API
  • Adobe Flex 3.0
  • Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5
  • WebORB
  • MSMQ Messaging service


Successful implementations of Facebook Game Framework:

  • Gateway has enabled a large Gaming service provider to reach and explore the large potential of the target market with millions of users, by quickly implementing the Facebook platform
  • With the robust implementation of the game framework, Gateway provided a solution to handle heavy Game and Game server communications while thousands of users playing multiple games, thus achieving the required system scalability