• Media Distribution Solution
    Developed a location aware advertising solution with Audio, Video and Image advertisements displayed on Mobile display devices in Taxis. Platform supports Ad Agencies and Advertisers to manage, track...

Media Solution Framework

Gateway has developed a robust framework for the Media and Advertising industry to deliver and manage high resolution and localized advertisements on air in several platforms, including display devices in taxis, public transport vehicles, shopping malls, and other outdoor places. The framework also manages the advertisements on iPhone/iPad and other mobile devices. Using this framework Gateway has evolved a rapid development approach for faster implementation of innovative advertisement solutions.

Gateway has successfully executed following varied digital advertising solutions using its Media Solution Framework:

  • Internet Advertising

    • Ad Campaign Management solution
    • Web advertising solutions
    • Contextual (Keyword based) Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

    • Location based advertising solution
    • iPhone/iPad advertising solutions
    • One-to-One Advertising/ Interest based advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising

    • Instore, POS and Tradeshow Digital Signage
    • Public Information solutions
    • Public transport advertising
    • Infotainment solution
    • Retail Media solution


Technical Expertise in implementation and customization

  • GPS tracking
  • NMEA protocol
  • Sensor integration with Serial Port (COM -port)
  • Microsoft Updater Application 2.0
  • SSIS Reporting