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Leading Software Solution Provider in Aftermarket
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Parts – Wholesaler, Supplier, Dealers
  • 70% faster time to deliver parts amongst countries like Belgium, France, UK and Netherlands
  • 800+ garage locations accessing Parts inventory platform
  • Over 1500+ concurrent users
  • Over 70+ Mln orders processed
  • 1Mln euro annual saving by automation of orders
Maintenance Services
  • Vehicle service turn around time (VTT) reduced by 35%
  • Online presence reduces reception cost to almost 20% annually
  • 60+ Mln supplier orders (service parts) handled
  • 80k+ online appointments annually
  • 20k+ monthly unique visitors
Tyres & Wheels
  • 80% shop occupancy achieved by effective scheduling and online presence
  • Cross-selling and up-selling resulting into above 60% of next appointment confirmed
  • Revenue increased by 40%
Damage Repairs
  • Used by over 70+ garages managing 50k+ services centrally
  • 2000+ concurrent users anytime
  • Mechanics productivity optimized by 20% using innovative solution
  • 40+ 3rd Party data services integrations
Glass Repairs
  • 3-steps fast & efficient glass repair solution anywhere
  • 30% increase in service turnaround time achieved by web and mobile access
  • Find, book and report platform connected with garages, dossiers and service planning
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