Legacy Migration

Application Migration Services to migrate from legacy applications to newer cost-effective applications with greater flexibility and agility


Assessment and Planning Services

We evaluate your current technology stack, services and your budget to create the suitable technology plan that caters to your business needs

Technology Migration and Modernization Services

We provide Migration Services to help you to migrate from legacy technologies to newer technology stack using standard-based distribution architecture that meet the latest and most stringent business and technology demands.

Legacy to Cloud Migration Services

Legacy applications are primarily good candidates for cloud transformation. With our Cloud Computing experts we help you in migrating legacy applications to Windows Azure Cloud and other Cloud Platforms.

Data Migration Services

Gateway has acquired extensive expertise of working on diverse migration needs and has developed its own Data Migration Framework for automated migration of the databases from Microsoft SQL 2000 to Microsoft SQL 2008 Platform and SQL 2010/2012. With Automated data quality check process, this framework enables a hassle-free database migration to targeted platforms.

SharePoint Assessment and Migration Services

Our extensive knowledge and experience on Microsoft SharePoint helps you in efficient and cost-effective migration of content and processes from diverse collaboration environments to MOSS 2010/2012.

  • Define Migration Strategy
  • Access Application Complexity
  • Access Code Quality
  • Analyze Dependencies
  • Access Infrastructure
  • Document Metrics
  • Estimate for Migration
  • Identify Migration Issues
  • Define Requirements
  • Define Future Architecture
  • Perform POC
  • Define Code Migration Steps
  • Plan Future Infrastructure
  • Prepare Source Code
  • Perform Pre-migration Steps
  • RE-Engineer UI
  • Migrate Source Code
  • Perform Post-migration Steps
  • Implement Enhancements
  • Generate Unit Test Scripts
  • Compile Code
  • Build Deployment Scripts
  • Prepare Source Code
  • Test and Validate functionality
  • Test Performance and Scalability
  • Build and Deployment

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