Automotive Data Analytics

150 million auto owners have increasingly introduced big data analytics solutions in automotive industry for effective business
Whether you are a Startup or Fortune 100 company, our analytics leaders empower you with insights to make your business work better and faster.


Gateway’s automotive data analytics department looks after the speeding up the business of automotive chains - Manufacturer, Dealers, Suppliers, and Distributors. With a decade of experience in providing automobile consulting services, we understand the flaws and challenges in-depth. We contribute in improving the operations and performance through the evaluation of large quantities of data.


The sheer volume of data produced daily in the automotive industry has made it tough to evaluate and make decisions. With the immense potential of data analysis process, predictive analytics in the automobile industry is one of the developing powerful tool that can boost the efficiency as well as operations and performance. Analytics allows the data information to be merged whether it is “machine-readable”-structured data or unstructured data, if done correctly brings impressive results.


We do automotive data analytics and provide automotive IT solutions with a comprehensive set of capabilities that integrate with multiple skilled teams across the industry. Our team helps automakers to determine what models, accessories, or services particular customer segments are interested in. This will lead to delight individuals by offering them incentives on the product of their interest, eventually leading to boost sales.


We have categorized the implementation of data analytics into two categories:

  • Direction Setting Analytics which includes leakage, causation, and predictive. It provides in-depth understanding of the current situation to make concrete action plans.
  • Strategy Planning Analytics which includes price elasticity, geo mapping, and simulation. It aims to provide actionable insights for accurate strategic planning.


Types of analytics



Our Achievements

  • 35% increase in revenue achieved through our in-vehicle networking solutions and diagnostic solutions
  • 30% reduction in Vehicle Turnaround Time(VTT) using our enterprise garage management solutions
  • 40% cost optimization achieved with effective workplace scheduling
  • 70% faster parts delivery within countries such as Belgium, France, UK and Netherlands
  • 3 million orders processed every year through our enterprise fleet and transportation solutions in 12 languages
  • Developed Europe's first mobile tire health check solution


Segments we cover to offer big data analytics solutions for automotive industry:


Aftermarket: While Manufacturers act as a cream channel across the industry, aftermarket services based on insights Big Data and location-based capabilities is key to success.


Services: Information gathered through millions of service will provide invaluable data. Analytics will help to identify problems like malfunctioning of parts and systems and simplifying the service process.


Manufacturing: Data gathered throughout the manufacturing process will be used in predictive analytics to improve manufacturing simulations and keep an eye on machine performance, making the next process even more efficient and flexible.


Sales: Social sentiment will play a growing role in designing and projecting new vehicles. Data insights about customer feedback also helps the marketing team to identify key features for new campaigns.


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