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We have Earned Top Spot in Global Automotive Aftermarket Industry by Providing Thought Leadership and Innovative Tech Solutions for Over a Decade
As the leading co-innovation and co-creation partner to the world's top 50 automotive companies, we help our customers succeed in the most challenging business environments worldwide


Automotive EcoSystem
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  • Solution to manage distribution and dealer network of 47 partners from across Europe
  • Inventory of more than 100,000 product range managed

  • Spidering occasions cars and gather over 10 million online cars in 1 portal
  • Online car selling platform (new + used cars)
  • 100+ garages are connected through our system processing more than 100 million orders

  • Dealer network covering 5000+ users and 16 languages in Europe
  • Organize, manage and expand dealer network with taxes, licenses and govt. regulations

  • 25% cost optimization achieved with effective scheduling solution
  • Technology modernization
  • Innovative gaming apps as marketing instrument

  • Vehicle service turn around time (VTT) reduced by 35%
  • Online presence reduces reception cost to almost 20% annually
  • 60+ million supplier orders (service parts) handled
  • 80k+ online appointments annually
  • 20k+ monthly unique visitors

  • 70% faster time to deliver parts amongst countries such as Belgium, France, UK and Netherlands
  • 800+ garage locations accessing Parts inventory platform
  • Over 1500+ concurrent users
  • Over 70+ million orders processed
  • 1 million euro annual saving by automation of orders

  • 80% shop occupancy achieved by effective scheduling and online presence
  • Cross-selling and up-selling resulting into above 60% of next appointment confirmed
  • Revenue increased by 40%

  • 3-steps fast & efficient glass repair solution anywhere
  • 30% increase in service turnaround time achieved by web and mobile access
  • Find, book and report platform connected with garages, dossiers and service planning

  • Used by over 70+ garages managing 50k+ services centrally
  • 2000+ concurrent users anytime
  • Mechanics productivity optimized by 20% using innovative solution
  • 40+ 3 rd Party data services integrations

  • Rental car community solution running over 200+ locations
  • Driver behaviour tracking solution reducing maintenance cost of rented car

  • 100+ leasing companies under one online platform
  • 24 x7 flawless service support handled across 5 countries

  • Paper less eco-friendly Insurance workflow solution
  • Real time insurance comparison based on vehicle profile
  • Innovative mobility solution with excellent UX

  • Enterprise fleet and transportation solution processing 300k+ orders every year supporting 12+ languages
  • 200+ shops saving 1.5+ million euros annually in fleet services
  • Device connected innovative solution for tyre health check

Our Achievements

  • 35% Increase in revenue achieved through our in-Vehicle networking and diagnostic solutions
  • 30% Reduction in Vehicle Turnaround Time(VTT) using our Enterprise Garage Management Solutions
  • 40% Cost optimization achieved with effective workplace scheduling
  • 70% Faster parts delivery within countries such as Belgium, France, UK and Netherlands
  • 3 million Orders processed every year through our Enterprise fleet and transportation solutions in 12 languages
  • Developed Europe's First mobile tire health check solution



Innovative ICT Framework: “Ultimate car Connectivity”


In the past 5 years, we have created unique ICT solutions to support various B2B, B2C and also B2B2C relationships. Our framework, termed as the “Ultimate Car Connectivity” Framework, showcases service offerings that does not exist in the market today. The framework diagram depicts some of the innovations for collaborative and service networks.


Ultimate Car Connectivity Framework

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