Automotive - Manufacturing & Sales

In-depth domain capabilities in automation with latest technology implementations for manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and dealers.


Built solutions that provide shop floor automation and help manufacturers to adopt digital services and in-vehicle technologies rapidly. Our solutions includes manufacturing operations such as enterprise resource planning, warehousing and distribution, transport and logistics, autolytics (automotive analytics) and portalization

  • 25% cost optimizations through scheduling
  • Technology modernization
  • Innovative Gaming apps as marketing instruments


Developed and implemented one of the largest online platforms in Europe that helps consumers choose cars from various countries and match their prices. Our B2B and B2C solutions allow real time trading of cars that includes Electronic Document Transmission (EDI) to government agencies, suppliers, transport companies, online support services, shipment tracking and cargo insurance services.

  • Manages dealer network covering 5000+ users and 16 languages across Europe
  • Organize, manage and expand dealer network with taxes, licenses and government regulations


Built intranet systems that manages comprehensive distribution processes including ordering, cataloging, tracking and integration with various data services. This systems are used by the largest auto parts distributors in Nordic region. Our integrated business solutions incorporate key distribution processes such as inventory & order management, transportation & warehouse management, CRM, product catalogues & price management.

  • Manages distribution and dealer network of 47 partners across Europe
  • Handles inventory of more than 100,000 product range


Built solutions for Dealers that helps them to achieve their goals to increase customer stickiness, actionable analytics and other innovative applications. These solutions are currently operational with some of the largest Dealer networks across Europe. Our dealership management system (DMS) provides robust and scalable platform for automotive dealers. Further, B2B and B2C portals developed by us help establish unique spider networks for dealer-to-dealer and dealer-to-consumer communications.

  • Spidering occasions cars and gather over 10 million online cars in a single portal
  • Online car selling platform (new + used cars)
  • 100+ garages are connected through a single system which processess more than 100 million orders

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