Automotive Management Services

Powerful, comprehensive, flexible and truly cost-effective solutions for leasing, fleet, rental and insurance service providers.


We cater to building solutions which fulfill needs of leasing business processes. The solution is tightly integrated with the leasing company's systems and garage solutions for damage and repair approval workflows. This also include fully automated operations framework for leasing companies and garages such as lease car management, complaints management, mobile health check and integrated finance, invoicing and integrated multiple data services.

  • More than 100 leasing companies under one online platform
  • 24x7 flawless service support across continents


We help in developing ready to use tools and frameworks which can then be customized for OEMs, insurance brokers, insurance companies, and agencies that maximize returns on investments and achieve the desired business goals. We cater to building solutions which provide multi-platform access to consumers for look-up, product viewing, comparison, buying real-time vehicle tracking and insurance.

  • Paperless eco-friendly insurance workflow solutions
  • Real-time insurance comparisons based on vehicle profile
  • Innovative mobility solutions with excellent user experience


We assist in designing and implementing a power-packed enterprise fleet management solutions which is integrated with location intelligence needs, RFID tags along with handheld(PDA) readers. We cater to building solutions which serve as a bridge for facilitating dependent and sustainable contracts with private fleet owners and leasing companies by managing the agreements for tires, maintenance and glass repair service.

  • Enterprise fleet and transportation solutions that process more than 3 million orders every year, supporting 12+ languages
  • Fleet management services that saved more than 150 million Euros annually for 200 companies
  • Europe's first innovative mobile solution for tyre health check


We help in building solutions which cater rental process automization. The solution manages end-to-end workflow for hassle-free reservations, rented location live data, integrated rate engines, and payment processing. Solutions are connected with social networks where rental companies are able to track vehicle in real time and are able to conduct proactive maintenance through OBD diagnostic data.

  • Rental car community solution running over 200 locations
  • Driver behavior tracking solution that reduces maintenance cost of rented cars

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