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Vehicle Telematics Solutions


A vehicle telematics system is a combination of telecommunication and informatics. It offers valuable information for drivers, including features like weather forecasting and live traffic. Basically, it is car monitoring systems which enables the managers to stay updated with real time performance and safety.


Information gathered by telematics system is useful in critical situations to communicate instantly with police or any other authorities for immediate actions after an accident. Telematics systems help automakers, insurers, and drivers with utmost safety feature, which is expected to be a baseline in future generations of autos. Drivers of all vehicles will see telematics pre-installed in their cars beforehand.


How does telematics work?


Telematics systems tracks the location, movement and behaviour of vehicles and its surroundings.

  • Ability to monitor the driving patterns of any individuals and know about excessive speeding and hard braking. This behaviour analysis will inspire to encourage safe driving techniques and reduce the vehicle maintenance cost and wear and tear.
  • The location tracking ability will give regular updates to the fleet manager about the vehicle. Therefore, he can set specific area and prevents driver to move out of zone saving unnecessary time and energy.
  • Reduce service and downtime of vehicle with the help of continuous monitoring


Why to opt for Telematics Solutions?

    • Remotely managed through SAAS
    • Tracks vehicle performance
    • Emergency Response
    • Lowers maintenance costs
    • Lowers energy consumption
    • Boost utilization of resources
    • Ensures safety


The main objective of telematic solution is to to support superior vehicle connectivity. Our automotive telematics solutions connects vehicle, driver, road infrastructure and cloud to one another. In whole, it provides ability to connect vehicle with anything and everything.


  • Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication- Technologies that enables safety and collision alert through Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) benefitting drivers, bikers and passengers.
  • Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication - Technologies that enables cellular facility for longer-range, signage for road updates and information on traffic signal timing for reduced congestion.
  • Vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) communication - Technologies that alerts the car drivers when any person is nearby to his vehicle beforehand. These alerts are also received to pedestrians, bikers on their mobile through common mobile app.
  • Vehicle-to-cloud communication (V2C) communication - Technologies that enables cloud-based security and supports information, entertainment and connected car services. Also, it can offer security authentication, identify parking spots, send firmware updates and even secure reservations in order to make driving experience much more enjoyable.


Gateway offers inclusive product engineering services and solutions in the Automotive Telematics space. We partner with enterprises and understand their business to deliver smart technology solutions. Considering higher revenues, lower costs and better product quality, we bring advanced solution accelerators to drive innovation for our customer.


Gateway team helps in developing tailored telematics solutions that support:

    • Application Development
    • Wireless Connectivity
    • Fleet Management
    • Vehicle Safety
    • Handset Integration
    • Driver Assistance
    • Analytics


Any type of business dealing with vehicles can make the most use of telematics, whether it is a sole trader with one vehicle, to large entity with a fleet of thousands. Explore our telematics technologies and brace up for the technologically savvy competitive future.


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