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Developed and Deployed One of the Largest Payment Gateways in the World
More than 30 leading banks and financial institutions reduced 25% of their OPEX while gaining 360° view of their organization and markets. You can benefit equally while meeting stringent regulatory mandates within deadlines even in the most volatile times.


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Retail Banking

  • Channels
  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Collections & Recovery

Internet & Mobile Banking

  • Mobile wallet
  • Mobile NFC payments
  • Mobile POS
  • Location-aware services
  • Mobile commerce


  • Life
  • Health
  • Pensions
  • Claims
  • Property & casuality

Corporate & Investment Banking

  • Trade finance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Asset & Wealth management

Mortgage & Consumer Lending

  • Mortgage & finance
  • Cash management
  • Payments
  • Fraud management

Stock Exchanges & Securities

  • Information dissemination
  • Electronic trading floors
  • Tick capturing

Payment Solutions & Cards

  • Payments
  • Cards
  • Mobile wallet
  • Mobile NFC payments

Risk & Compliance

  • SEPA
  • KYC
  • ICD

BI & Financial analytics

  • Big Data solutions
  • Investment analytics
  • Microsoft
  • Pentaho
  • Cognos
  • SPSS
  • Tableau

Our Achievements

  • 55% increase in efficiency through a web-application to automate manual payment processes, enabling automatic payment of calculated interest & redemption amount
  • 40% increase in customers for leading South African bank through a Symbian Application to manage bank accounts, transfer money & comply with banking regulations
  • 33% reduction in batch processing times through performance optimization of large databases
  • 25% increase in efficiency for multiple accounting bureaus of Finland through a Financial Invoicing self-service application
  • Optimized processes and reduced overheads by more than 22% for many institutions through our finance software development and banking solutions
  • Save US$400k per annum on operational costs through an automated mortgage loan processing solution
  • As a leading banking software development company, we have developed the largest European SEPA compliant interbank and merchant banking platform
  • Multi-currency foreign exchange trading systems with risk mitigation and real-time visibility
  • Treasury Applications that significantly increase treasury transactions
  • Stock market data dissemination system that supports real-time data


FinFacets provides Strategic Intelligence to Business Owners (CxOs/ Directors/Group Heads/ Others) of fast growing, mid-sized enterprises across the globe, which enables them to de-risk their business decisions and chart an exponential growth path for their organization.


Strategic Intelligence comprises “Beyond ERP Reporting” which provides tactical cross-functional insights across disparate systems, Predictive Modeling to measure the impact of decisions taken by Business Owners, and Competitor Analytics that help them devise strategies with deep market understanding.


Strategic Intelligence is updated in real-time and available at the finger-tips of Business Owners. This helps them make better, sharper and smarter decisions.


We work with business owners in 17 countries across the globe and make meaningful contribution to their continued growth and success. With FinFacets, Business Owners can rest assured that their most expensive business decisions remain profitable.


Click Here to know more about how can help you de-risk your business decisions.




Cyber Security Threats for BFSI

Gateway provides customizable finance software development services for BFSI industry such as vulnerability analysis, threat remediation, recovery and cyber-related incident threat assessment. Our expertise in business continuity & Disaster Recovery solutions helps organizations manage Enterprise level identity, assess common criteria & implement Cryptographic Module Validation Security. We also provide tiered solutions for Penetration Testing.


Money Transfer through Social Media

From our experience in cutting-edge technologies and our ability to analyze the future needs of society, we help customers build finance software development solutions which transfer money through social media. This will facilitate faster money transfer across the globe. We analyze various possibilities, payment conditions and prepare appropriate roadmap to develop the solutions.



Social Banking

With our years of experience as a banking application development company, we offer new-age technology and software solutions for banking and financial services through community development, and focus on satisfying societal needs. This will help customers to remain socially, culturally, ecologically and economically aware of sustainability and to measure indices for multiple returns for society and self.


Virtual and Paperless Banking

Our paperless solutions help organizations to optimize and organize workflow, save money, lower risk and combat fraud, as well as reduce buying and paper wastage while ensuring industry compliance.


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