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FileDrawer1-300x225Document management system is a method of organizing and storing documents electronically on one computer system or various computer systems. This system keeps track of the history of the document thereby enabling users to cognise the creation date, modification date, deletion date and other operations performed on document. Document management systems help users to easily find and share information. These systems are generally used by organizations to maintain their official records. Here are few points that impel us to believe that document management systems help us to organize information in a well defined and secured manner:

  • Instant access: A very quick, 24×7 access to documents.
  • Structured organization: Organized access to documents in the conversant form of folders and files.
  • Secured accession: Secured and role based access to documents. Full control on document permissions ensures right document for right person.
  • Grouped Approach: Define access for each level, and assign privileges accordingly.
  • Howling work-flow: Work flow ensure proper review and approval policies.
  • Centralized repository: Avoid having documents stored on several computers, minify the chances of destroying documents.
  • Disaster recovery: Documents stored on server application has recovery backup ensures document copy should be maintained in case of server failure.
  • Collaboration tool: Collaboration tool for your employees and colleagues for information sharing.
  • Fast retrieval: Easy and Fast retrieval of documents by getting them indexed.
  • Revision control: Version management and tracking ensures the protection of document. Any changes saved will create a new version of file, allows you to switch back to any version at any moment.
  • Exclusive access for modification: Exclusive access can be granted for a document to ensure one person can change a document at a time.
  • Content protection: Online viewing and no editing shall protect your document contents from being copied.
  • Audit history: Audit trail can be maintained that define chronological sequence of audit records, each of which contains evidence directly pertaining to the actions made by users.
  • Checklists: Checklists can be defined for folders which could be helpful in work-flow and defining the completion of certain actions on documents.
  • Saves cost: Saves hardware cost, keep your document safe for years.

These factors can influence any organization to use document management system in their daily operations to keep their important documents safe ad secure. People started using document management systems for their personal use as well to ensure data and file safety.

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