Key Customer Relationship In Outsourcing: How To Ensure Critical Success Factors ?


Concept sign relating to business, life, relationships and financeOutsourcing is given in current globalization. There is no single silver bullet for all types of key customers when it comes to long term relationship management. Each organization is different with own culture, people and way of working.

Many outsourcing vendors are feeling that at times they end up into Master-Slave relationship rather Client-Vendor relationship. It may or may not be true as root cause could be around critical success factors not working enough. Some vendors lack attitude towards change with time and work in own way by ignoring client’s views. Same way some clients ignore vendor’s important views and best practices. There are many relationships of this kind exist in this outsourcing world. Such relationships are not healthy for both client and vendor as those are not long lasting.

Critical success factors in outsourcing services business for long term key customer relationship:

  • Understand business: Traditionally it used to be vendor who should understand client’s business and environment. It is changing to bilateral relationships now for long term sustenance.
  • Know the culture: Know and respect each other’s culture.
  • Establish effective communication framework: It is very important to set up robust communication mechanism by respecting each other’s business and culture. It is key medium wherein people are attached to each other with multiple touch points.
  • Focus on core all the time: It means the setting up delivery structure, processes, people and performance parameters. This is the bottom line wherein client and vendor are attached primarily to deliver performance. In order to achieve inclusive growth both client and vendor should take joint responsibility of driving it.
  • People to people relationship & collaboration: This is critical area as at the end of the day it is people driven results. Building the bridge between diverse teams & bonding creation, respect each other’s views, identify/prevent problems proactively and address it jointly.
  • Deliver results: Goes without saying. Vendor’s role is critical in order to ensure value for money that client is always looking for.

Opportunities and challenges would be always there and it will continue in a way or another. Key is how to ensure critical success factors by and large.

Prashant Shah

Sr. Manager - Strategic Accounts & Global Software Sales at Gateway TechnoLabs
Global Software Sales Consultant working with Gateway Technolabs Finland Oy.

Prashant Shah

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