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PrintDear Team,

On the occasion of our 19th Anniversary, we would like to congratulate all of us – The ‘Can-Do’ attitude and tenacity to achieve the impossible is what makes Team Gateway very very special and we take immense pride to be able to work shoulder to shoulder with each member of our amazing Team.

We all are partners in this success!!

While past has been glorious, future entails big challenges. The IT industry around us is changing faster than ever before. Adaptability and Discipline have become more and more critical. The profile of customers we have been servicing has changed. Now we serve even larger corporations. Expectations from our customers are changing and we are shifting more and more to zero tolerance zone.

We at Team Gateway have to determine that we will upgrade and revolutionize the way we think about our business. Every single individual right from junior most person in Admin team to Top leadership in Tech & Sales will need to recognize this change.

We are convinced that there will be no future for anyone in the Indian IT industry unless they are able to match the Global standards of delivery and innovation.

We are confident that the future is exciting. We have laid out some very innovative strategies and inorganic plans. To achieve this, we will need extensive support of each person in the team to recognize the need of the hour and work to upgrade and accept change.

Team Gateway has always risen to meet challenges and we will do so again.

We also take this opportunity to thank our families. Undoubtedly without their continuous support, our growth and success would not have been possible.

Let each one of us pat our own back for the amazing work done till now and gear up for more challenging times to come.

Warm Regards,

Niraj, Indrajeet & Vipin

Gateway Technolabs

Marketing & Communication Department at Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd.
SINCE 1997.
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