Top 5 Key Technology Trends to factor in your HR product suite

HR Management System

There was a time when HR was only about recruiting, recording employee details and managing their payroll. The Human Resource Management Systems of the present day are complex tools that help the HR team handle and manage a lot more than they conventionally did. The competitive job scenario makes it imperative for organizations to adapt to the changing environment in order to stay ahead of the game and the HR becomes the helm of this shift.

The prime disruptive trends to look out for:

1. Significant shift from systems of record to systems of engagement

Robust cloud-based systems that give employees access to data, cut down the need for HR intervention drastically. HR suites are now designed and developed with an employee centric approach with focus on user experience. Human Resource Information System is integrated with the ERP of an organization, not to forget embracing mobile.

2. Talent management closely associated with the ERP

HRM suites of the future would be a perfect amalgamation of talent management features that have been seamlessly incorporated with ERP systems to cover, onboarding and recruitment, employee assessment, engagement and improve productivity.

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3. Big Data and Predictive People Analysis

HR software solution of the future should be decisive in evaluating patterns, correlations, trends and insights into human behavior and use this information to make predictions in hiring, training, retaining, attrition and other initiatives. HR systems that can identify and assess employee habits and behavior enable them to react appropriately to the various situations.

4. Mobile – The platform of the future for employee engagement

Today, mobile is an integral part of the HRM services as there is a shift in the way in which the tool is being used. Previously these systems were adopted for compliance and work process, today they function as tools for engagement, feedback, time-tracking, onboarding and training.

5. Role of Social Tools in Human Resource Information System

Future proof systems integrate Social tools to enable the HR get a better understanding of the employee/ candidate. Hence, these tools have found a part to play in every process right from candidate selection, training and onboarding, communication, employee recognition and performance management.

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