How Power BI is Advantageous for Deriving Business Insights?


Power BI has redefined business intelligence collection. This dynamic software offers comprehensive insights into the underlying factors that drive business. You can visualize data and analyze various perspectives for making sound business decisions based on streamlined workflows. Business data is generated in huge numbers. You need to structure and logically sort the same in a presentable manner for making proactive decisions. Cloud-based business intelligence solutions allow data mining in an innovative manner to help you retain the competitive edge.

Dashboard driven insights
Classified business information pertaining to various genres can be stored in any format. Power BI is compatible with wide range of formats and devices like Excel, Azure, SQL, Google Analytics etc. With one command, data is culled into the customizable dashboard. Over here, you can overview performance in real time, track trends, and analyze patterns; all from one window.

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Support for cutting-edge analysis
Power BI comes bundled up with an array of powerful analytical tools that help you research more about issues afflicting the business so that root cause can be discovered. Raw data can be reviewed, modeled, culled and grouped in a customized manner for gaining critical insights. The query tool is smart, intuitive and produces instant answers to your queries in graphical format. To perceive the performance of the business over a particular time frame, you can go about selecting dimensions, apply filters, dissect historical values, play around with numbers and can predict trends. You can share your forecasts or analysis with others in visual mode. Everything occurs at a lightning-fast pace.

Visualization of data in graphical mode
Gaining insights through graphical visualizations has never been so easy. With the support of an array of bar and column charts, you can create interactive displays which show patterns over a defined period. Graphs can be automated which displays information in fluid and aesthetically enhanced manner.

Tailored report generation
The same set of data can be manipulated in different manners to prepare diverse reports. You can get various perspectives on the same data. A number of templates have been provided to help you create customized reports. Unique reports can be generated through simple commands. A user with little knowledge of the computers can gain insights using drag and drop features.

Intuitive portal for variegated tasks
Gaining insights would no longer be reserved for privileged few. With the self-service options made available by Power BI, one can create a number of perspectives to analyze various case scenarios. You can create charts for displaying geography-specific information. Revenue generation by the team, profit, and loss, changes in market behavior season wise, cost incurred for particular activities, supply chain issues, sales, pricing, dominant trends, market segmentation or anything; everything can be viewed intuitively.

Collective decision making
Organizational insights can prove to be valuable when they are shared with key stakeholders. With business intelligence solutions, you can share pertinent information with all stakeholders in real time. Data can be presented in a visually compelling manner which helps stakeholders understand the need for the particular business decision. Fundamental workflows can be automated so that information sharing can be carried out in a smart manner.

Power BI now comes with some attractive new features. With the use of ‘What If’, you can visualize and analyze data creating various advanced scenarios. Various outcomes can be assessed by sliding the bar on the graph created. New features to format tables, inputting visuals, gain better analytical insights, forecast, understand variances, funnel plots and power KPIs have also been added.

Experts at Gateway TechnoLabs have accomplished successful development with Power BI that enables analyzing complex business data and asserting them to gain business insights. This futuristic software is bound to change the organizational decision-making process. Our knowledge sharing sessions with certified technical leaders will help you to understand in-depth on Power BI. Schedule your session with us now.

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