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Over the past two decades, several IT companies have been continuously trying to improve their IT services in order to meet their client’s requirements. Business needs have become high and to fulfil the needs an IT consulting firm or business partner is required to meet the desired results. The hybrid model is one of the great approaches to fit this scenario where both Onsite and Offshore resources are made available with flexibility.

Nowadays, world widely many organizations have started to implement this approach and their IT teams use Onsite-Offshore model. They adopt this approach in order to reduce investment and in return to increase revenue in the organization. To improve performance and quality output to the client, the operational teams work together. This model has been achieving all the requirements successfully which is leading to lower risk and increase in productivity.

Hybrid model structures the combination of onsite, offsite, and onshore models. This model ensures the cost-effectiveness of the offshore model and also maintains the face-to-face interactions in order to prevent communication gaps which is very crucial in business and makes sure of your project’s success. An integrated model of Onsite, as well as Offshore, is the ultimate solutions for the business. This combined model is envisioned for enhancing efficiency and optimizing the cost of project development.

The work in this model is appropriately distributed among onsite and offsite teams. The onsite teams deliver the required support and solutions for strategic issues whereas the offshore team delivers the developmental services.

In Hybrid Delivery Model, the outsourcing work is allocated between the onsite centre of service providers and offshore development centre. Therefore, the client gets the benefits of both the models. It is one of the most efficient and successful models and also popular outsourcing models employed by many companies in the recent years.

The distribution of the work depends mainly on the type of project. Mostly, 20% of the work is done onsite and the remaining done offshore.

Onsite Centre

  • The information about the project is gathered initially through direct interactions with the client.
  • The requirements or specifications are clearly understood.
  • The initial design and planning of the project will be taken care of
  • Direct contact with the clients to check any changes in order to avoid last minute changes.
  • Execution of the project at client’s place to ensure their expectations are met and the end results are fully satisfied.

Offshore Centre

  • Create a detailed design by understanding the specifications.
  • Project progression is their main responsibility.
  • Specifications are given by the client to match the outcome by ensuring that there is no mistake.
  • Continuous support is given to the Onsite centre.

Benefits of having Onsite and Offshore combined model with your IT partner:

#1. Direct Dealings with the client:

Direct dealings with the client help to avoid communication gap and hence the requirements are efficiently met. This is possible through the Onsite centre. This helps the clients to get a clear picture of the project and the confusion is avoided. The overall project communication happens at both Onsite and Offshore.

#2. 24/7 Productivity

Round the clock continuous work is possible and the work can be efficiently done by using the time-zone difference. With the help of Onsite team requirements and the Offshore development activities, the work happens simultaneously and the work is completed sooner with high productivity level. Hence the client’s deadlines are met successfully.

#3. Excellent Resources

Access to the best technology, manpower, and equipment is possible through Offshore development centre which can be efficiently utilized by the client. This will help them to finish the project successfully and hence the issues are clarified and excellent strategy is executed.

#4. Profitability

This is one of the major benefits of the hybrid model where handling an offshore development centre is a cost-effective method where it helps the client to save additional expenses. This model benefits in many cases when the client makes frequent changes in the project requirements. The Onsite team will always be available for the assistance and help in analyzing the risks beforehand and also help in taking necessary mitigation steps.

#5. Work-Life Cultural Gap

Certainly, from different sides of the globe, the way the people work differs and this gap need to be handled carefully with utmost understanding. This difference cannot be handled properly with the help of 100% Offshore delivery model and the company who adopts it are not prepared to deal with it. Hence understanding the true intentions is important. The hybrid model helps in removing this issue completely by employing a relational expert liaison with multiple years of years in various cultural environments. This helps the client by providing two different mindsets to accomplish the project. It helps not only to translate languages but also thought patterns and processes.

#6. Trust Building

In this model due to geographical differences, face-to-face communication is possible through the Onsite centre by creating a strong relationship. This helps the client to build trust with the company and also effectively resolves the issue beforehand and hence the project is completed successfully without any compromise.

#7. Time Efficient

The company with 100% Offshore model face inefficiency as there is no face to face interactions due to geographical differences and hence the requirements are not fully met. This leads to time-consuming as the work is repeatedly done due to communication gap and Onsite centre. The Hybrid model ensures both Onsite centre where direct communication with the client is made and the Offshore centre for developmental activities where the requirements are met beforehand and there is no communication gap with the client.

We at Gateway Group – Software Development Company India provider serving automotive, digital media and product companies for last 10 years recently partnered with one of the leading Norwegian company – AvantIT.  With this engagement, we have strengthened our presence in Nordic and are excited to expand further in the Norwegian market. AvantIT compliments our portfolio by adding valuable elements like a wider industrial reach, immense market knowledge, the bigger team being available locally, techno-commercial knowledge and faster reach to local customers to name a few. With the benefits mentioned above, it is proven that Hybrid Delivery Model is the best to implement in the business. This model ensures high-quality project delivery with round-the-clock availability of the resources.

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