Automotive Dealers: Are you ready to provide Customer Experience 4.0?


While searching for “digitalisation” in Google, the seven million hits emphasise the fact that digitalisation is omnipresent irrespective of any particular industry. Many industry leaders feel that digitalisation is just on a paper thing as the results are difficult to measure. If this the fact and not a belief than why are automotive dealers eager to learn and implement digitalisation? What does it bring in in store as customer experience?

Digitalization acts as a game changer in direct sales models of an automotive dealership

Automotive dealers are likely to face two significant challenges due to changing customer expectations. Today’s customers expect less physical involvement and look for more digital touchpoints which eventually affects dealers to create a digital proof system.

Though few customers want to opt for physical experience visiting the store, dealers should be well prepared for the process that provides seamless customer experience and exceeds their expectations. With the rise of current evolution in the world of automotive management services and dealerships especially in their sales model, it seems dealers will have to become smarter about their sales process in the future.

Nevertheless, dealers play the vital role for customers in their purchase process as buying a car is one of the most expensive shopping of the life.

Customer expectations are high at the dealer level no matter what the channel be it offline or online

To become the best customer experience provider, think like a customer. As a customer firstly I would expect complete end-to-end consultation at my dealership. Also, my queries should be addressed explicitly without any waiting on revert throughout the digital and physical contact channels. Mainly, when I want to opt for a short-term service appointment, the process should be quick avoiding the unnecessary follow-up processes. The best thing which would delight me is a service app where I can book my date and be in touch with a dealer from any device.

Similarly, same should be the experience with overall sales process of a car. As I am making the most significant investment of my life, I expect to receive personalised experience instead of the long, tedious process that is not even useful to me.

Dealers can achieve 360-degree view of customers through different digital tools

Customers feel committed and loyal to the dealer if they provide personalised experiences in the service they receive during entire sales and aftersales processes. If the service quality is not maintained than what happens is customer will start looking to switch the dealer or even a brand. What keeps them with you is the new concepts to provide them personalised services or other methods that foster the customer experience during every step where physical contact is required with the dealer and the brand.

Does a dealer know me well as a customer? Do they have enough tools to understand their customers closely? Maybe, yes especially with the help of smart technologies – virtual reality, augmented reality and more has opened gates of digitalisation for automotive to bring personalised experience dealers a first step has been taken towards digitalisation of the dealerships.

Dealers can achieve integrated view of customer data through Agile IT infrastructure

The regular inflow of data brings a significant challenge to the dealer for storing and viewing all at once. Therefore, they are not able to understand their customers and have a rough idea of their expectations. To follow the sales and aftersales processes rigidly this isolated data is used, and the customer feels irritated receiving non-informative content as well as follow-ups from the company.

In order to solve this condition and achieve long-term benefits, all the data stored in an isolated system should be integrated within the sales processes. Agility and a change in mindset are essential factors that will bring the vision to sales processes and meet almost all the requirements at the dealership level.

Furthermore, the most effective touchpoints that would create a long-lasting impact on customers is through emails, social networks, messages, pop-ups, push notifications and automated assistant systems like chatbots.

From the current scenario, it can be concluded that automotive dealers are going through the repositioning phase regarding adopting digitalisation. By converting the overall process from scratch and creating a digital-driven strategy, dealers are getting ready to welcome the new digital era. Dealers are preparing their employees to bring the entire change in the style of working to presenting their services to customers.  Thus customer experience 4.0 has become the heart of every automotive business and so do their systems are becoming seamless at offline as well as online levels.

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