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Influence of IoT: How it’s Transforming Global Logistics


Internet of Things (IoT) is usually associated with smart devices, wearables, and smart heating appliances at home that regulate themselves. However, IoT extends its usage way beyond that. Different sets of Logistics IT Solutions impact extensive global supply chains now, in more ways than one.

IoT is disrupting technology related to supply chains drastically, delivering the advantage of leveraging existing architecture, smartphones and supply networks with better response times, better tracking management, along with a wider reach. The costs associated with multiple platforms too are humongous, way more than it was some years before.

IoT Apps and Supply Chain Management can Work Together

Supply chains can be functionally extended with diverse IoT applications owing to their moving parts that include third parties, carriers, vehicle drivers along with manufacturers, traders, suppliers, retailers, and customers. Companies do not have to bank on inventory consistently since they can keep their products moving if their supply chain network is accurate to the tee, based on several product locations and specifications.

  • Technologies have worked extensively to manage several disparate parts of the supply chain, but the advantage with logistics IT solutions is that they can actually blend the disparate parts together under a robust information ecosystem that augurs well for all stakeholders and participants.
  • IoT technologies have evolved from IT and have become a huge beast in data collection, as several formats can be shared across multiple trading partners.
  • IoT can also help with integrating multiple sources and formats of information in innovative ways, thus aiding better decisions in business. It is up to each industry to determine how the data needs to be combined and integrated to form an ecosystem.
  • Service providers also need transition solutions to implement IoT. I Europe, several transportation companies prepare for transformation with IoT-based apps that deliver accurate, real-time updates. The integrated information lets companies make some proactive decisions about any deviations related to the logistics plan. Corrective measures can be performed faster with greater efficiency than ever and enhance security for companies.

Some logistics IT solutions are in existence that brings multiple aspects of global supply chain together for the benefit of shippers and carriers with adequate tracking of shipments under full visibility to operations and analytical tools for better decision making.

IoT is expected to create a bigger influence in supply chains in years to come, and each of the technologies will be ready to deliver deeper intelligence for well-managed streamlined supply chain networks that connect well with every stakeholder in logistics. Several apps are now making their presence felt that automate processes while delivering visibility to all sorts of shipments. The access to mobile phones and the increase in digital gadgets have got companies to work smarter and faster and even plan efficiently. The disruptive nature of IoT in the logistics industry can work in an ecosystem that relies on the infrastructure as well as a low-cost implementation of every element that can withstand all types of weather conditions.

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