Disruptive Technology Trends in HR: Is your product suite future-proof ?


There was a time when HR was only about recruiting, recording employee details and managing their payroll. The Human Resource Management Systems of the present day are complex tools that help the HR team handle and manage a lot more than they conventionally did. The competitive job scenario makes it imperative for organizations to adapt to the changing environment in order to stay ahead of the game and the HR becomes the helm of this shift.

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An Investigation over Unit Testing


Unit testing sounds great to me, but I’m not sure I should spend any time really learning it unless I can convince others that is has significant value. I have to convince the other testers’ and, more importantly, the bean-counters in management, that all the extra time spent learning the testing framework, writing tests, keeping them updated, etc. will pay for itself, and then some.

Where is the hard evidence that will convince the laymen that unit testing is worth the effort?

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Non-Functional Requirements: What, Why and How?


“Where there is a need there is a way”, is the primary path to achieve any kind of goal, applicable to every human being. But how to achieve this goal effectively, timely and accurately is the most important part of this achievement, otherwise invested efforts returns turns in to zero..!!

Same way it is applicable to the every application in current software market, i.e.: If you have your store of online shopping and you have developed very attractive website for that with full of categorized information, latest trends wise, size wise and off course budget wise information with full size of high resolution images available, to achieve your goal about 1000 online transactions/day.

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Gateway RIA Team’s Participation in Appfest 2013 at IIM, Ahmedabad



1-300x2252 teams from Gateway RIA Group, comprising 3 members each, participated in IAMAI Appfest 2013 held @ IIM, Ahmedabad, from 26th July, ’13 to 28th July, ’13. First day was Talkathon – different discussion sessions. Second day onwards, there were 2 parallel tracks, viz. Hackathon and Challengathon. Hackathon allowed participants to register their own concept and team for a mobile app while Challengathon required participants to form their own team but had to choose from different concepts thrown by sponsor companies. Both tracks had a time limit of 24 hours live coding to submit the app. Results were announced on 28th July, ’13. Both of our teams participated in Talkathon + Hackathon, and submitted their apps within time limit.

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