Big Data Computing

  • In-memory computation powered real time analytics
  • Hadoop (Map Reduce) powered unstructured Data Mining
  • Distributed Search Engine and E-discovery Capabilities
  • Large Scale Distributed data Aggregation

Data Aggregation

  • Web Crawling (website, forums, blogs, social media…)
  • High-Precision File system Extraction (pdf, MS Office, xml, access, etc.)
  • Database, CMS & ERP Connectors

Data Mining Engine

  • Taxonomy powered concept tagging
  • NLP based concept extraction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Domain aware context analysis

Search & E-Discover Engine

  • Highly scalable full data search
  • Multi format data support
  • Domain aware ranking algorithm
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Live Updates
  • Real-Time Search
  • Autosuggest, Filtering, Faceting, Highlighting
  • Smart spell correct
  • Stemming etc.


  • In Memory Computing
  • Real time Incremental analytics
  • Geo Analytics (heat map, geo distribution map)
  • Mathematical models (Comparison, grouping, trend analysis)
  • Temporal Models (timelines etc.)
  • Predictive models (Recommendation etc.)
  • Various data modelling and comparison algorithm

Information Visualization

  • Data Discovery UX
  • Hierarchical filtering
  • Drill Down
  • Smart recommendation etc.

Analytic Visualization

  • Geo Tagging
  • Heat maps
  • Fractal charts
  • Sun Burst charts
  • Hierarchical charts
  • Temporal charts
  • Timelines
  • Pivotal charts
  • Comparison charts, Stack chart’s
  • Trends charts (Bar charts, Pie charts, and line charts etc.)

Business AnalyticsSerach EngineIndustry AnalyticsFunction AnalyticsService Analytics

Unlock the real business value residing in your data through our indistry-leading services and strategic analytics consulting. Our solutions provide multi-dimensional information for industry, services and function.

We very well understand that every business is different and so are their needs. Our experts apply advanced data analytics to achieve our customer’s key performance indicators and provide them actionable information.

Engage with our business analytics and big data experts today to deploy in-memory computing, real-time incremental analytics, NoSQL data management, web mining, large-scale data processing, geo-analytics (heat map, geographic distribution map, geographic tagging, GPS), mathematical models (comparison, grouping, trend analysis), temporal models (timelines), predictive models (recommendations), and various data modeling and comparison algorithms.


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