Dealership Management System

In-depth domain capabilities in automation with latest technology implementations for manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and dealers.


What is DMS?


Dealership Management System (DMS) is widely used term in the Automotive Industry and is usually expensive, little complex in flexibility and developed using integrated components. Dealer Management System is designed to meet the needs of modern automotive industry with all the advance feature including sales tracking, inventory management, pre and after sales, insurance and commission calculators, appointment scheduling, customer relationship management and much more. A majority of dealership management systems are not optimized and enabled with mobile and web platforms, lack of support, real-time analytics and smart features.


How Gateway Helps


Do you struggle with the existing dealer management system which is lack of current technology and mobile compatibility? Are you still entering same inventory through your multiple DMS modules manually which affects your productivity and waste lots of your time and efforts in managing it?


Gateway’s customized Dealership Management System (DMS) for the Automotive Industry is all inclusive of all day-to-day operations, sales cycle, dealer tracking, monitoring and reporting which is compatible with all major devices and platforms. Our DMS increase performance and efficiency of any automotive company. It is a centralized system that captures customer, vehicle and inventory information to maintain better inventory and parts management. It also provides visibility on dealer operations across various geographies. Some of the major functionalities of our DMS system include:

  • Pre-sales
  • After Sales
  • Inventory and Parts Management
  • Vehicle Service
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Basic Accounting
  • Workflow Management and Reporting
  • Real time analytics of dealers and vehicle status
  • Reporting


Our dealership management system is intelligent, flexible, fast and hence offer centralized solutions:

  • All in one product for automotive dealership management
  • Entire OEM-dealer IT systems covered in one
  • Easy to setup modules for sales, CRM and after sales
  • Suitable for multi-location, multi-franchise dealerships and outlets
  • Flexible and optional cloud-hosting with pay as you go
  • Seamless integration with manufacturer’s ERP system or software
  • Multiple franchise support
  • IT solutions for automotive


The benefits of our DMS solution include:

  • Broader view of sales forecasting based on real-time analytics and sales inputs
  • Easy management of inventories and parts at dealership, locations
  • Increase in revenue and help in decision making through past data
  • Better control over business decision making and monitoring
  • Complete suite with maintenance, training modules and remote help desk


Our Dealer Management System is a fast, flexible, intelligent and centralized solution that features:

  • An integrated product for Automotive dealerships
  • 'One stop shop' for entire OEM-dealer IT systems
  • Comprehensive tool for sales, CRM and post sales
  • Ready application suitable for multi-franchise dealership outlets
  • Solution bundled with our B2B standards-based integration platform
  • Choice of cloud-hosted, pay per use models
  • Seamless integration with any manufacturer's ERP system


The benefits of our DMS solution include:

  • Improves sales forecasting, based on real-time sales inputs
  • Improves stock visibility and inventories at dealerships, aiding in reduction
  • Increases revenues through higher number of converted opportunities and customer retention
  • Increases control for effective monitoring of the business and decision making
  • Online onboarding, provisioning, test and certification of dealerships
  • Complete ownership including maintenance, training, remote help desk and sustenance


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