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Apple Inc.’s mobile news aggregator allows users to read desired news through the app. Users can choose the publishers of their choice and the app would then fetch news from the respective websites. Apple News Solutions are a great way to enhance your brand’s presence among prospective user base. You stand to gain audiences’ trust by serving news in fluid layouts that resonate with readers optimally.


How Apple News Solutions deliver value?

  • App is integrated with different syndication feeds like RSS and Atom
  • New Stories are gleaned from web using these syndicators
  • Publishers need to submit news in JSON compatible ‘Apple News Format’
  • Users can provide feed via Safari browser that is put forth through browser integrated with News Solution app
  • Apple News Bot crawls the sites of publishers for collecting news
  • Feeds, site pages and images are collected by the bot for Apple News Solutions




Our services

We have an expert team of seasoned and dedicated professionals who would help you optimize on the potential of Apple News solutions with cutting edge services.


Creation of compelling content for publishing

Engage the attention of your target audiences optimally with persuasive content created by us with Apple News Format. We would help you achieve maximum mileage from Apple News by formatting news for presentation in fluid and captivating layouts. We would intensify the appeal of your news with attractive typography and embedding of relevant videos, animations and images at strategic locations across the news body.


Optimization of news for all devices

We ensure that news created for integration with Apple app offers a seamless reading experience to audiences across all devices that run iOS. The news would be authored for one platform and the same would be optimized by us for compatibility with cross-platform. Irrespective of the Apple device used by reader to view news published by you, the experience would be smooth, rewarding and uniform.


Apple News Syndication for earning consistent revenues

We help you monetize on the content published for Apple News Solutions. Apple’s inbuilt ad platform is a great way to earn revenues from published news. Prior to that, our team would syndicate your site with Apple app to ensure that news is fetched spontaneously through syndication services like RSS and Atom.


We would manage campaigns for you by ensuring that advertisements deployed target the niche audiences. Creative ads are positioned strategically within the content to cause least distraction to readers. Our state of the art analytical tools help you measure accurately the responses received by the ads. You can keep 100% revenues generated by the ads. Further, we can also integrate Apple ad services with your news. This would allow Apple to place ads on your news. Apple keeps only 30% of the revenues. You will have a win-win situation in any case.


Apple News Integration services

With our cutting edge News Integration Services, it would be a breeze for your brand to project a bold statement of your eclecticism. Distribution of engaging and interactive content on Apple news can be done with flair through our streamlined services. We would help you harness the potential of the Apple News app by helping in the creation of articles directly from within the News Publisher.


Our experts are well versed in the usage of myriad online news editing tools offered by Apple. News would be created in presentable format with proper usage of beautiful styles and attractive fonts. Addition of captivating images and inspiring quotes would be seamless. We also help in the integration of news content that has been created on various content management systems. Our integration support services help fetch the news from content management platforms for delivering the same via Apple News API. Audiences’ engagement with the news article published would be displayed to you through metrics that capture the entire gamut of responsive behavioural patterns of readers.


Importing news from various popular CMS

We help you import your existing news content from popular content management platforms into Apple News. Our experts create the right format for ensuring compatibility with Apple’s app. Support for third party plugins for ease of porting is also extended. Advertisements would be dynamically placed in between paragraphs to generate the desired action from readers.


Support for revenue earning

You can deploy ads within your original content with the help of in-built ad platform on Apple News. Our team ensures that you get registered in the Apple Developer Program with the right credentials to avail of optimum revenue sharing. After enrolment in the program, we would set up your site account in a manner that would help you optimally monetize. You can get Apple to sell your ads and earn 70% of the revenues generated. You can also monetize from ads placed by Apple in between your content on 50-50 sharing philosophy. We help you in choosing strategic native sponsored ads, banner displays and videos which would help you earn more.


Supercharge your brand promotion activities with our services

  • Apple News Solutions offer the best platform to make steady in-roads into the preferences of upscale segment of the society. Apart from benefiting from huge revenue earning potential, you can also make a strong case for motivating users to splurge on your products or services.
  • Advantages you stand to gain from our strategic support:
  • Lowest service rate in the industry
  • Dedicated support of the best iOS expert team
  • Fastest integration of any new update released by Apple Inc.
  • Accurate measurement of the traffic generated by the News App with advanced analytics solutions
  • Option to avail of paid subscriptions to widen the reach of your brand
  • Ease of notifying breaking news on the app with ease
  • Placement of dynamic advertisements within paragraphs
  • Strategic placement of Apple sponsored ads on profitable revenue sharing basis
  • Seamless import of pre-existing content from all popular CMS platforms


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