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Facebook’s immense popularity is apparent. About 2 billion users hook on to this social platform monthly to connect with others, browse posted content and update their status. Half of this user base remains socially active on Facebook through mobiles.


Instant articles offer you a host of advantages through Facebook mobile app

  • Bespoke and agile content that fluidly responds to specification of viewers’ devices
  • Rich and immersive content that grips readers’ attention  decisively
  • Content can be embedded with images and videos that can be scrolled through and zoomed in or out
  • Compels readers to spend more time on publisher’s post
  • Interactive content takes reading experience to a new level
  • Motivates readers to subscribe to article publisher’s mailing list
  • Inspires audiences to share posts
  • Convinces prospects about the suitability of publisher’s services to their specific needs and thus trigger sales and conversions


As your content get shared and talked about more, higher volume of traffic gets driven to your site. This improves your site’s searchable quotient over Google and other search engines. Consequently, you stand to experience a huge leap in your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking.


Upshot the immense potential of Instant articles with our expertise


Our Facebook instant article implementation services are geared to help you optimize on your marketing plan. Launch your ambitious plans confidently by deploying Facebook instant articles strategically.


What features do you stand to gain from our services?

  • Media rich articles loads 10x times faster than normal content on mobile app
  • Interactive maps
  • Videos embedded in the content that starts autoplaying when the focus is on them
  • Images that can be panned and tilted
  • Audio captions are integrated within the articles


Facebook Instant Article Integration: Making articles bring referrals to you


With our Facebook integration services, you just need to post the link of the originally published article on you site on Facebook. As soon as the reader clicks on the link, Instant Article tool gets activated. The mobile screen presents the article in the most engaging manner. Instant articles shared through Facebook app allow sharing of the original link on your site. National Geography, NewYork Times and other global trendsetters have been harnessing the potential of instant articles successfully. Now, it’s high time that you start using this NextGen tool to add firepower to your SEO prospects.


Facebook instant article implementation: Making your brand identity more authoritative


We help you take complete advantage of this state of the art tool through our proven expertise in this domain.
With our strategic support, you can enjoy a host of unparalleled conveniences.


Convince yourself of the strength of our services with these stellar features:

  • No need to migrate to or install any proprietary technology
  • Optimal use of native HTML5 standard mark-up language
  • Spontaneous or manual integration of Instant articles
  • No need to discard tools that you already use or have paid for
  • Easy option to invoke Facebook article tool when desired
  • Option to generate revenue by selling ad space within articles
  • No need to share revenues earned through private ads with Facebook
  • Freedom of tracking the success of ads through existing analytical tools
  • Traffic pulled in by articles can be monitored with ease
  • Insights into audience engagement can be measured using Facebook analytics
  • Ability to integrate third party monitoring systems to measure engagement
  • Complimentary WordPress plug-in for convenient sharing of content from world’s most popular CMS platform
  • No compulsion of creating unique and fresh content for catering to the Facebook mobile app users
  • Alignment of the RSS feed and HTML mark-up of your site with Facebook tool for seamless conversion of already present articles into instant
  • Complete flexibility to use old articles on your site with Instant Articles


Our team makes your aspiration of generating sustained traffic and revenues from Facebook a reality. We do the fine-tuning to make your site conform to Instant Article requirements


Why trust us as your strategic partner?


  • Updating of your site’s underlying code to comply with Facebook’s requirements
  • Creation and updating of RSS feeds to synchronize existing articles with instant tool
  • Presenting you as a publisher who keeps posting content on regular basis ( Facebook prefers those who publish frequently rather than blog intermittently)
  • Creating of 50 highly influential articles to convince Facebook about your credibility and intent (Facebook scrutinizes at least 50 previously published articles to provide you access to the instant articles tool)
  • Helping you create compelling articles at frequent intervals to project your brand as an entity that remains in constant touch with niche users
  • Formatting of the content as per Facebook rubrics i.e. embellishing the content with captions for videos and images, headers, ascribing of the work to rightful authors, posting links etc.
  • Targeted keywords optimized in each article; this leads to higher visibility of your site in relevant organic search results
  • Optimization of focused keywords carried out in title, captions, sub-headers and other strategic parts of the article
  • Ensuring that authors are properly credited for the content created so as to improve your site visibility when relevant author names are searched for
  • Ramping up your site’s mobile friendliness



Our Facebook instant article solutions have taken the social platform by storm. We help you monetize optimally with focused Facebook instant article integration services


Call us now to benefit from:

  • Cost competitive and unparalleled rates; undoubtedly the lowest in the industry
  • Dedicated support team to take care of your exclusive needs
  • Holistic approach that essentially leverages your brand’s mobile presence
  • Secret strategies that would offer your brand a definitive competitive edge
  • Round the clock support and instant troubleshooting over phone, e-mail, whatsapp
  • Instant updates whenever a new feature is unleashed by Facebook



Leverage the innate revenue earning potential of your brand by sustaining loyalty of your user base with our Facebook instant article solutions.


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