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60% of reduction in online buyers distraction due to slow loading web pages.
Add firepower to your business prospects with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


AMP holds the key to supercharging of your fortunes. Exploit its potential with our expertise and earn high revenues eternally. A recent survey showed that 39% of online buyers are distracted by slow loading web pages. This implies that even if your site features in the opening pages of relevant search results, sales are not assured unless your pages load at blistering pace. E-commerce sites need to switch from page to page instantly to dazzle prospects with diversity of choices. Accelerated pages ensure fastest loading time on mobile devices.


Advantages of AMP for your brand

Your brand value is going to get tremendous facelift by embracing AMP. The benefits that would come your business’s way include:

  • Higher professional credibility
  • Better and economical brand promotion through word of mouth advertisement
  • Unceasing revenues even during economic doldrums due to assured customer loyalty
  • Highest conversion rates
  • Better engagement of prospects
  • Immersive shopping experience to ensure guaranteed re-visit by prospects
  • Complete safety of confidential information and monetary transactions through payment gateways





Reasons you should opt for AMP

  • AMP is a giant technological leap. If you want to keep your business contemporary, you need to embrace it.
  • AMP’s appeal lies in its innovative and refreshing approach. Here is quick summary of features for you.
  • Expressive elements which allow display of products in full graphics
  • Emphasis on display of static content
  • Elimination of author scripted JavaScript which would reduce page size
  • 18% improvement in loading time of pages on mobile devices
  • Pre-rendering of page prior to user clicking on your page
  • Seamless rendering and loading of pages like leafing through magazine pages
  • Smart technology that carries out pre-rendering in selective mode without over-using bandwidth
  • Non- reliance on bloated and complicated HTML codes
  • Faster loading pages also increase the search engine result page (SERP) ranking of sites
  • Revolutionizing of user experience in most dramatic way since HTML’s launch in 1993
  • Easy integration of AMP technology in older mobile sites
  • Simulation versions of pages available on Google’s Amp project for you to experience the change
  • AMP is open source. You can get your pages developed and tweaked in optimal cost.



No recurring license fees or costly overheads!! Do you know Twitter and BuzzFeed have pioneered the use of AMP? Grab the opportunity now and build your loyal user base before your adversaries pre-empt you!!



Why choose us?

We are adding a new dimension to ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ with our innovative offerings. Our designs are not prefabricated or generic. Our engineers undertake comprehensive analysis of your web pages to understand and map the scope of improvement. Accordingly, we provide bespoke pages that would make your brand’s pages load on mobile at the blink of an eye.


AMP Integration services

We integrate the technological upgrades of AMP with your existing web pages for optimizing them for quicker loading. Analysis of back and front ends is done meticulously to make the process of transitioning a fast and rewarding experience.


AMP Implementation

We would implement ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ for your mobile site to benefit from the same optimally. All technical aspects would be taken into perspective to ensure that efficiency of the site is not undermined.


AMP Validation

For all AMP specification up-grades, we would offer assured validation for your mobile pages. This would help you stay contemporary and steal the march over your niche adversaries without having to suffer from any technological bottlenecks.


AMP Synchronization

You need not worry a bit about syncing issues between your server and front-end pages. Our software engineers ensure that the pages remain in sync always so as to spontaneously reflect all changes in real time. This would keep your customers happy and updated.


AMP Conversions

If you have an archaic site that is not compatible with AMP integration; don’t lose heart. We would help you secure your due in the market with our expertise. Irrespective of the complexity level of the page or the nature of underlying scripts, we would convert the site or content management system seamlessly into Google’ AMP powered high performing pages.


AMP Ad Integration

We have taken our AMP integration services to the next level by allowing you to monetize on the potential of your page through the integration of advertisements. We help you integrate your existing ad networks in a streamlined manner with your web page.


AMP Transcoding

We would help you to get humongous volumes of data transcoded into the format of your desire within deadlines. This ensures that your AMP launch is not delayed and you can capitalize optimally on the market’s prolificacy.


AMP Dynamicity

Our AMP implementation plan would help you stay ahead in the race always. As soon as you intend to launch a new product or carry out needful changes to the basic design of your page, the same gets captured and reflected easily as new AMP is instantly served to Google.


AMP Compliance

Our team helps you conform to the norms of Google to optimize on its next-gen AMP. Pages and underlying scripts are meticulously analysed for JavaScript and traces of other elements (HTML and CSS). They are removed and AMP assets are compressed to significantly improve the loading time.


AMP Cache Management

Cache is managed and purged through redundant CDNs. Pre-rendering and pre-caching of the AMPs are done to ensure blitzkrieg speed.


AMP Beta Testing

Are you still unsure how the new experience would unfold for your brand? Don’t worry. We are offering a beta trial experience at nominal cost. A prototype of the AMP page would be created and deployed on test platform to help you visualize the way your page would load and display on mobile platforms. Bug fixing and testing are done instantly to offer you complete peace of mind.


We are offering the best quality service at affordable prices. Connect with us now to learn more about how we can help your brand get a makeover on mobile devices.


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