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  • Digital marketing and promotions, SEO, SEM, and PPC for more than 500 Websites with increase in 300% web traffic
  • Increase revenue by 50% through our customized solutions, PPC campaign solutions, technical consulting and optimization services and press releases
  • BIG DATA SOLUTIONS for more than 100 Fortune companies, global Governments, Millitary, Federal institutions, and more than over 500  academic and education institutions worldwide
  • Increase in sales of 50% for more than 500 customers through CRM integration, lead management, and tracking solutions
  • SaaS based survey platform
  • E-MAIL CAMPAIGNS - Multiple Database Driven Personalized Email Marketing Solutions for various customers including Fortune 500 Customers capable of sending 1 Million Mails per hour
  • GAMIFICATION PLATFORM - Award winning Gamification solution for Canada based Museum to provide viewing features such as 3D view, skeleton view, magnify, scan, periscope and X-ray view.
  • BI & ANALYTICS - Expertise in BI & Analytics based Dashboard Solutions development experience for all major industry domains like Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Hospitality
  • CUSTOMIZED FACEBOOK APPS - Developed 30+ Customized Facebook Application
  • DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT - Developed and Owns Ad Publishing Workflow Management Suite of Products which cater to the Leading Newspaper and Magazines Publishers in Europe Capable of handling 10,000+ Digital Assets.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Promoted 50+ Events & Exhibitions for our customers using Social Media Channels
  • CONTENT MARKETING - In-house Central Application Framework for Enterprise Content Management used in 20+ Enterprise customers
  • GEO-LOCATION/GEO-FENCING - Improve Security of Home & Office by using our GSM based Android application by setting Geo-fencing limit & range.
  • LOCATION BASED SOLUTION - Geo-Location based Web solution, used by 100+ Advertising Companies globally to promote their services/products
  • CUSTOMER REVIEW & FEEDBACK ANALYSIS - SaaS based Multi-platform, Multi-variant Question types Customer Feedback & Survey Product utilized by Globally recognized companies, Government Agencies & Universities
  • CAMPAIGN ROI ANALYTICS - Reporting framework and Interactive Analytics Dashboard to produce actionable metrics that can be used to determine & compare the effectiveness of each marketing campaigns
  • BIG DATA SOLUTIONS - Enterprise wide Global Big Data Implementers for organizations that cater to Fortune 100 companies, US Government | Military | Feds and over 500+ Academic and Education Institutions across the Globe.
  • CONVERSION ANALYTICS - Our Comprehensive Web Analytics Suite helps customers to track Success/Failure rate of your online conversion process
  • CONTENT MARKETING - In-house Central Application Framework for Enterprise Content Management used in 20+ Enterprise customers
  • LOYALTY PROGRAM - Multi-Platform Loyalty solution facilitating clients to integrate their program activity & manage coupons, to increase loyal customer base by 40% and repeat sales by 30%
  • DIGITAL COUPONING - Get Fully Integrated and Comprehensive Deal Portal which can be used to offer personalized deals after analyzing customer purchase behavior & interests pattern

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