Digital Publishing Solutions

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Established 60% improvement in way of serving content to readers in 8 months flat


Digital Publishing Solutions


Digital publishing utilizes the potential of sophisticated software to render your content compatible for viewing across multiple devices, mobile or static, in captivating styles, reading formats and layout. Your readers would have multifarious intuitive options to navigate through the content, bookmark desired pages, search terms as well as make direct purchases online through e-catalogues.


Engage your readers


You stand to gain from rendering of publications in digitally vibrant mode that would maximally resonate with niche audiences. The publication would be completely tailored to meet your specific requirements. We also incorporate salient next-gen features like animations, real time live content, search friendly text, scrolling options etc. We deploy contemporary and sophisticated publishing software to process imported content from various sources like HTML, Adobe InDesign, content management systems or manual feed.


Technology components of Digital Publishing Solutions that we offer:


  • Content Management Systems- Single XML source used to publish multiple formats
  • Digital Platform- Publish across multiple online platform to market through various types of content
  • Cloud Reader- Provision of online and offline content to multiple devices
  • Ebook Protection-Securing the confidential content without any inconvenience to readers


Other prominent features include:

  • Online and offline presentation of dynamic digital publications that facilitate easy printing, seamless flipping of pages, and fast searching
  • Analytical tools that meticulously capture the response pattern of audiences to offer you insights about the pain areas that need rectification
  • Fully optimized for search engines to ensure better and consistent ranking in search engine result page (SERP) index
  • Publications enriched with vivid media and engaging content
  • Integration of eCatalogue with online store allowing for seamless purchase right from embedded catalogue on e-page
  • Integration with popular social media platforms to allow for viewing of digital content right from social pages
  • Simplified workflow for producing, publishing and managing content that facilitates swifter publication of content in larger volumes without compromising on the interaction quotient with readers


Zero distraction and fluid navigation is our forte.


Print Solutions can reduce your printing costs by up to 60%. We believe in creating unique and immersive pages that engage readers and surpass their expectations. For digital publication apps, we offer complete support for popular payment gateways that allow you to monetize from content through multiple modes like subscriptions, single buy or complete access mode.


Our support helps you harness the limitless potential of digital publications in various capacities. Apart from traditional content, you can get dynamic publications such as

  • Financial Reports
  • Research Reports
  • Product Tours
  • E-books
  • Brochures
  • Branded Content Experiences
  • Photography Albums
  • And more!


Intuitive content apart from being multi-device compatible has higher number of touchpoints that promote better interaction between content and readers. Enhance quality while maintaining the uniqueness of your proprietary distribution.


Entrust us with your digital publishing needs and gain unprecedented increase in loyal reader base and revenue streams spontaneously.


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