Engagement Models

We Are the Tetris Champions

We ensure that our full-fit services and solutions perform exactly as intended to help you mitigate future complexities that put undue stress to either your systems or people, and extract more business value faster, with lower long-term costs.


  • Retain full control of your hardware, software and data assets
  • Dramatically reduce both your costs and IT headaches
  • Industry leading in-house security standards
  • Zero stress (of development and output) on the organization, the people and the systems
  • Smoothen transitions and transformations
  • Enables better strategic initiatives and easier deployments in future

Our Engagement Models Download PDF

Fixed-price Model
This low-risk option applies to customers who have predefined scope and specifications including deliverables, costs and timelines of the project.
Time and Material Model
Leave all your project worries to us. Let us manage your scope and specifications including deliverables.
Hybrid Model
Don’t have scope and specifications but want the benefits of the Fixed-Price Model? Then choose this model.
Dedicated Development Center Model
Save up to 70% from our long-term, cost effective rates, our project management skills, and better employee productivity plans.

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