Entertainment & Gaming

Ranked among Top 3 iGaming Solution Providers
Our technology and expertise helped our customers to earn a record 13% in 6 months flat in B2C segments. Today, with 15,000 man hours experience, we are the most preferred technology partners to gaming companies worldwide.


Entertainment & Gaming Plannig Programming Deployment design Testing
  • Cloud deployment and maintenance
  • Load balancing
  • Configuration management
  • App Stores submission support
  • Functional Testing
  • Game Play/Logic Testing
  • Rule Adherence Testing
  • Graphics Testing
  • Issue Reporting
  • QA Signoff & Final Release for UAT
  • Game Programming
  • Level Implementation
  • Game Architecture Implementation
  • UI and UX integration
  • Unit Testing
  • Peer Code Reviews & Functional Reviews
  • Alpha, Beta and Gold release cycles
  • Storyboarding, Game Analysis, Game Rules
  • User eXperience
  • Game Level Design
  • Platform Identification
  • Identification of game type
  • Identify Technical constraints & Implementation Approach
  • Art Assets & Graphics
  • Identify Color Scheme
  • Game Layout
  • Graphics & Animations
  • Images / Files Formats
  • Audio & Sound Effects
  • Game framework
  • Prototypes
  • Use cases
  • Design Signoff

STUDIOFPS.COM is Gateway Group's specialized division for Gaming and Entertainment. Our teams have developed some of the highest ranking Desktop, Web and Mobile games worldwide.


  • More than 70 man years of development experience
  • 50+ games and applications for IPTV and OpenTV platforms
  • Launched iGaming solutions in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware
  • Gaming framework that works across all social community sites



We leverage the latest game elements and game design techniques, even in non-game contexts, to help are customers to;

  • Build brand loyalty
  • Increase customer engagements
  • Structure reward and recognition programs
  • Real world implementation for Employee Motivation
  • Process awareness and Learning
  • Create user centric designs
  • Build something totally out-of-the-box
  • Develop innovative ways to solve challenging issues among Enterprises

Some of our solutions have been utilized in real world to implement concepts such as Employee Motivation, Process awareness and Learning

Artificial Intelligence

We own futuristic technologies and Smart Systems that can learn and make decisions themselves. We have developed solutions like Social Media Gaming, Implementation of AI for board games like; Chess, Stratego, Poker and even for the Automotive industry

Augmented Reality

We offer comprehensive range of services for organizations wanting to integrate augmented reality (AR) in their strategies and to offer their customers real world gaming experiences. From concept development to technical implementation, we help you make business goals futuristic.

Gateway also develops methods through gaming to engage audiences with the help of interactive AR applications via 3d Visualization, complex products and processes, display elements and processes.

Few examples are place of Interest Applications, Drive and Seek Games, Paper and Marker Games and Webcam Interactive Games

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