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Experts at Concept to Game Development to Quality Assurance and to Deployments
Comprehensiveness that combines domain with technical expertise for the best gameplay experience. Be it high quality, real-time, intense graphics, or mind-benders; we deliver them all. We are your one-stop-shop in Game Development.


"As we launch our Free Racing Poker platform to the World through a Facebook style platform and a Google style pay per click marketing; I know with Gateway TechnoLabs, our advertisers and licensed partners we will continue to develop a game play together like nowhere else in the world. Gateway Group and Gateway TechnoLabs is a company I highly recommend to any business or Entrepreneur." - Jerry Foley, CEO/President of Team Foley Marketing Xtreme

We combine our domain expertise in gaming with technical prowess to deliver best gameplay experience to gamers. So be it high quality, real-time intense graphics-based games, mind-benders'; we deliver them all. We are the one stop shop for all your needs from concept development to game development to quality assurance to deployments.


  • Project diversity and Pursuit of fun is the main motto!!
  • Facilitating our clientele turn their original ideas into games
  • Identifying player behavior through segmentation
  • Enabling Future Technologies (next generation mobile communications, smart devices, etc.)
  • One stop shop - Supporting research, development and innovation [ End to End Service]
  • Native as well as Cross Platform Development & Support [ HTML5 , Adobe Air & Cocos2D/3D ]
  • Developing mobile games in areas of public interest (health/wellness, awareness, and creativity)


  • Flash based online strategy games ported to mobile platforms leveraging existing code base
  • Desktop games ported to mobile devices and on several mobile platforms
  • Offering standalone mobile poker games engine that enable players to play the classic 'Texas Holdem poker' game
  • Extreme sports racing virtual solitaire poker game uses athletes in a fantasy league style
  • Physics-based soccer puzzle games with creative characters, inclusive of several obstacles and props
  • Interactive fun games with several levels of complexities where users can find several hidden objects based on hints
  • iOS based Interactive and MMS service application virtual environments where users interact with virtual characters, feed, play, and take care of them
  • MMS service with facilities to send pre-made or personalized 3D MMS messages

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