Gaming - Social & Casual Games

10 years experience in concept art, 3D/2D animations for mobile, desktop and web.
We are among the top-ranked service providers because we understand industry, segment, location and consumer specific requirements better than others, with pre-production to delivery capabilities worldwide.


"Working with Gateway TechnoLabs helps my agency focus on what we do best for our clients…digital creative and strategy. We no longer worry that our ideas cannot be produced into live digital experiences because Gateway always has us covered. Gateway’s global team of gaming professionals work together to provide us with timely and accurate communication during the development phase all the way through to execution – something that not every development contract is capable of, Gateway goes beyond expectations every time. I would recommend Gateway TechnoLabs to any agency looking to bring their digital projects to life but lack the resources in house to get it done." - Torben Nielsen, Digital Planner at Inbox Marketer

Our creative team is highly experienced and skilled in delivering concept art, 3D/2D art and animations for games targeted for mobile, desktop and web. We understand the industry specific requirements for social/casual game development and are specialists in creating content from pre-production stage to delivery.

We provide highly intriguing games for our clients that surpass their exectations. As a technology company, we have the requiesite expertise in the technology platform that let users play anywhere and on any device, and integrated with social media features, the interaction between the users increases the fun of playing social games.


  • Complete social gaming framework on Facebook where mobile game developers can plug in games
  • Accelerated time to market using global sourcing models
  • Reduced development costs by more than 30%
  • In-depth analysis and development for integrating future trends, market opportunities and convergence with technology and social facets
  • Gaming portals where we have managed hundreds of championships and competitions


  • Augmented Reality based skateboarding games to avoid idle postures and to prevent obesity. Such a game would require users to make movements in front of the webcam
  • Casual fun games that help users to release stress, anger, and tension by playing games online in a safe and non-violent manner with facilities for social networking and sharing
  • Advertising campaigns and brand promotions through games with integration to Facebook
  • Design variations of popular games using HTML5 that support gameplay using browsers across platforms and devices

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