Gateway Engagement Methodology

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Our Gateway Engagement Methodology (GEM) Helps Industry Leaders Instantly Access and Leverage More Than 3000 Years of Valuable Thought Leadership, Industry Experience and Key Insights.


  • Business & Process Understanding

  • COTS - Solutions/Products : Specific to process/functions

  • Frameworks/Codes/Components (Knowledge Management): Generic and Reusable (plug/play)

  • Turnkey Solutions

  • Business Benefits : Reduction of Time-To-Market and Cost-To-Market for Customer



Gateway Engagement Methodology




Our GEM is a Body of knowledge(BoK) of all the expertise that Gateway has accumulated over last 19 years by working on multiple technologies and multiple solutions for multiple customers segments.


The knowledge repository represents set of Standard Terminologies, Solution Highlights, Business Benefits, Reusable Components, Frameworks and Guidelines for different solutions.

We have worked with some of the leading players across different Industry segments, to accumulate significant BoK within this particular areas.






  1. Identify the Business Problem
  2. Analyze the requirements for creating solutions
  3. Define an approach to relay the solution
  4. If ready-to-use component, code, module is available then we use them to enhance the solution
  5. If ready-to-use component, code, module is NOT available then we search for them in the MARKET on behalf of the customer and add enhancement and future-ready features
  6. If ready-to-use component, code, module is NOT available in the MARKET, then we deploy teams to CUSTOMIZE the development, process, product or service with added future-ready features


  1. Engage with customer to understand the business idea and brainstorm the solutions
  2. We might also search out End-to-End solution providers and possibly co-own or co-invest into the idea and process.


  1. Understand the Key Business Objectives
  2. Analyze Customer's maturity about understanding both, the idea and the process and then set expectations
  3. Conduct Market Research and Analysis, including; Market Trend Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Partner Assessment, Target Customer Analysis
  4. Identify Customer Lifecycle Stage
  5. Develop Execution and engagement roadmap and planning
  6. Deploy and align marketing strategy with the technological solution
  7. Map and align customer lifecycle strategy with strategic and timely solutions and services
GEM Automotive

GEM Automotive

We are the leading co-innovation and co-creation partner. We have created unique ICT solutions to support various B2B, B2C and also B2B2C relationships. This framework, termed as the “Ultimate Car Connectivity” Framework, showcases service offerings that does not exist in the market today.


Body of knowledge (BoK)


  • 750+ man Years of automotive experience
  • 150+ professionals working in automotive
  • 20+ focused evangelists


  • 10+ owned, co-owned and co-innovated products
  • Royalty and investment driven products


  • Ready to use framework with 50+ components
  • Data exchange platform with 40+ external interface
  • Centralized Application Framework for Enterprise("CAFE")

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  • Enhancement to OBD Diagnostics for cars
  • Work Planner & Task/Time Allocator for garages
  • Enterprise GMS - Lease to Work planning to invoicing
  • Deals portal - service type wise, Annual packages
  • Garage Locator, Appt, Services Proposal
  • Auto Parts - Technical Manuals for garages
  • Technical specifications App. For Mechanics
  • Parts Ordering Solution – LP/Make/Model wise
  • Multivendor/Brands parts pricing portal
  • Knowledge database - car- repairs, problems, parts
  • Find, Book, Report Platform
  • Claims Reg. & process platform
  • End to End Damage Process Platform
  • Location based Breakdown assist portal
  • Online cataloging
  • New & Used car selling
  • Auction platform
  • Car communities
  • Portals
  • Garage Locator, Appnt., Offers
  • Website-B2C Offers
  • Tyres Ecommerce Portal
  • Wheels/Rims Ecommerce Portal
  • Tyre Breakdown Service Portal (e2e)
  • Tyre Contracts Management
  • Fleet Check - Tyre wear/tear, pressures, order
GEM Cloud

GEM Cloud

GEM Cloud Body of Knowledge (BoK):


  • 200+ man Years of Cloud Enablement Experience
  • 150+ Cloud Professionals
  • 30+ Enterprise Mobility Experts
  • 10+ Certified Cloud Evangelists


  • 17+ Legacy to Cloud First Migrations
  • 10+ Bespoke cloud Platforms
  • 50+ Enterprise Mobility Solutions


  • 60+ Reusable Enterprise Grade Cloud Package
  • 50 Reusable Enterprise Mobility Extentions
  • 100+ Reusable Cloud First Modules
  • Gateway Enterprise Cloud First "GEC1" Framework

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Today, the digitally oriented chief marketing officer (CMO) wrestles with a world where consumers have more influence than ever. Harnessing that influence and using it to grow the company is the biggest challenge that digital CMOs and chief digital officers face.

With the rapid evolution and integration of Technology in the Marketing world extended further with the proliferation of multi-channel touch points (web, social, mobile), there is a paradigm shift in the way brands connect and communicate with their customers.


Our GEM DMS team has core competencies and skill sets to envision and implement Digital Marketing Technology solutions across multiple channels, softwares and digital platforms that enables our customers in achieving their business objectives.


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  • Acquire & Segment
  • Engage Audiences
  • Communicate & Advocate
  • Facilitate Sales
  • Customer Retention

Acquire & Segment

  • Online Survey Platform
  • Online Web forms
  • ETL/Data Migration
  • Big Data Solutions
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Aggregation & Analytics Platform

Engage Audiences

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Activity based Segmentation
  • Marketing Events Management
  • Gamification Platform
  • Promotion Management

Communicate & Advocate

  • DB driven personalized Email Marketing
  • Digital Asset Managemnet
  • Location Based Solution
  • Digital Adevertising Platform
  • Predictive & Behavioral Analytics
  • Geo Location & Geo Fencing

Facilitate Sales

  • Customer Review & Feedback Analytics
  • E-commerce Enablers
  • Campaign ROI Analytics
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Social & Mobile Commerce Enablers

Customer Retention

  • Content Marketing
  • Loyalty Program
  • Digital Couponing
  • Gift Card System


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