Gateway Group partners with Systemstrategerna

Gateway Group partners with Sweden based Systemstrategerna to provide high quality IT Solutions to the Swedish market


Sweden is a strategically important market for Gateway and we always looked for a profound local partner who understands the local market and customer needs along with Gateway’s ideologies and experience.


Gateway TechnoLabs (GTL) is proud to announce its new alliance with Systemstrategerna in Sweden to help modern IT decision makers address their ever changing-set of challenges and achieve desirable results.


Systemstrategerna is an IT consultancy with a very strong focus on organizational change management. It provides consulting expertise in organizational development, project management, quality assurance and system management.


For more details about Systemstrategerna, please visit


Following the alliance, there was also a webinar on ‘Digital Transformation’ conducted jointly by GTL and Systemstrategerna for the CIOs of modern industries.


The webinar included the very informative discussions on the impact of digitalization on organizations, importance of a CIO’s role in organizational success, and the latest technological trends.


The videos of this partnership and webinar are available now on YouTube.


Link of partnership video -


Link of webinar video -


Congratulations and Kudos to Team GTL-Sweden for this great strategic success in the Swedish market.


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