Today, the digitally oriented chief marketing officer (CMO) wrestles with a world where consumers have more influence than ever. Harnessing that influence and using it to grow the company is the biggest challenge that digital CMOs and chief digital officers face.

With the rapid evolution and integration of Technology in the Marketing world extended further with the proliferation of multi-channel touch points (web, social, mobile), there is a paradigm shift in the way brands connect and communicate with their customers.


Our GEM DMS team has core competencies and skill sets to envision and implement Digital Marketing Technology solutions across multiple channels, softwares and digital platforms that enables our customers in achieving their business objectives.


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  • Acquire & Segment
  • Engage Audiences
  • Communicate & Advocate
  • Facilitate Sales
  • Customer Retention

Acquire & Segment

  • Online Survey Platform
  • Online Web forms
  • ETL/Data Migration
  • Big Data Solutions
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Aggregation & Analytics Platform

Engage Audiences

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Activity based Segmentation
  • Marketing Events Management
  • Gamification Platform
  • Promotion Management

Communicate & Advocate

  • DB driven personalized Email Marketing
  • Digital Asset Managemnet
  • Location Based Solution
  • Digital Adevertising Platform
  • Predictive & Behavioral Analytics
  • Geo Location & Geo Fencing

Facilitate Sales

  • Customer Review & Feedback Analytics
  • E-commerce Enablers
  • Campaign ROI Analytics
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Social & Mobile Commerce Enablers

Customer Retention

  • Content Marketing
  • Loyalty Program
  • Digital Couponing
  • Gift Card System


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