Real Time Location Tracking Solution for Hospitals

Wi-fi based asset management and tracking solution that helps a hospital's staff to access facilities and support medical care for patients, Track medical supplies, Conduct patient interactions, strap alarm and security tracking on the screen. Geo-tagging and GPS is available for location based access.


On Road Safety using Mobility

Application for emergency alerts and health notifications on mobile devices that helps save lives and aids in public safety processes with features such as alerts, location tracking, Geo-fencing notification, OBD alerts for vehicle even while in motion, cyber alerts and interaction platform for patients, physicians and care-providers.


Bilological age Test Integrated with Cardio Check Devices

Use of CardioCheck device with platform that helps people to check their biological age and health of their heart by examining main arteries. It measures pulse wave, map with database profiles and suggest meal/activity plan.


BIG Data and Analytics Platform for Hospital

Platform supports various interfaces for multiple hospitals and physicians using BizTalk communication platform using HL7 messaging format. It aggregates big data and converts that data into portal-based analytics, charting and reporting


Healthcare Gamification

We are developing several applications for a healthcare giant with innovative solutions such as fitness bands, google glass and augmented reality supporting healthcare industry for future.


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