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Engaged with Healthcare Organizations by providing Health IT Consulting Services
Gateway partners with over 70 healthcare organizations, enabling them with providing healthcare IT consulting services in an agile way through our Lean Digital approach.


Healthcare IT Consulting Services


Founded in 1997, Gateway TechnoLabs is a renowned name among Healthcare IT Consulting Firms. With the kind of team size that we have we have successfully developed some of the healthcare IT solutions and provided consultancy in healthcare application which help healthcare organizations to maintain seamless process by delivering high quality care. We work to find practical approach within the framework of today’s leading mix of healthcare information technologies and best practices with optimum cost and solutions. With the kind of experience that we have we were able to develop EHR and EMR applications and worked closely with some of the top notched healthcare solution providers.


Gateway has offered Healthcare IT consulting services to their clients globally with hospital management systems, patient record management systems, big data management and analytics, electronic medical record (EMR) implementations, claims and bill management software and solutions, and on road mobile safety solutions to many healthcare organizations. Our experienced management and healthcare IT consulting experts has provided healthcare solutions to more than 200 healthcare organizations across Europe and North America.


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Other Offerings to Healthcare Industry

  • Development of EHR, EMR Application
  • Product Development in healthcare industry
  • Devices integration with online application
  • Data Analysis
  • Predictive health monitoring and alerts
  • Reminder to patient and its close relative for the medicine
  • IoT, integration with wearable devices to manage and monitor patient health
  • Product promotion and DMS strategy
  • Google Analytics, Omniture integration for close monitoring of promotional activities


New Era of Technology in Healthcare

Because of the vast experience in Healthcare Solution apart from development of traditional application we have also evolved ourself in developing healthcare application using latest technologies and framework.


People are now more focused on IoT and data analysis to provide technical solutions to the industry. We have also started working on Aamzon EMR which Easily Run and Scale Apache Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Presto, Hive, and other Big Data Frameworks


Amazon EMR provides a managed Hadoop framework that makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective to process vast amounts of data across dynamically scalable Amazon EC2 instances. We can also run other popular distributed frameworks such as Apache Spark, HBase, Presto, and Flink in Amazon EMR, and interact with data in other AWS data stores such as Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB.


Amazon EMR securely and reliably handles a broad set of big data use cases, including log analysis, web indexing, data transformations (ETL), machine learning, financial analysis, scientific simulation, and bioinformatics.


A Complete Range of Healthcare IT consulting and Support Solutions


we are committed to provide our customers cost effective use Healthcare IT services and solutions to improve the patient care and management. In addition to the implementation, integration, and optimization of large-scale healthcare IT software and applications as well as all major EHR vendors, our services include enterprise IT solutions and managed healthcare solutions at affordable cost with highest level of security.


Comprehensive, Principled Approach


Through our unique blend of consulting expertise and management advisory services across the full range of IT products and systems, we deliver solutions specifically designed to address the business needs of the healthcare market.


Gateway TechnoLabs has:

  • Exclusively healthcare IT consulting firm focused on quality healthcare IT consulting
  • Experienced healthcare professionals and consulting team of 300+ on board
  • Depth and Breadth in IT consulting and application management solutions
  • Adaptable Solutions for Small and Large Scale Healthcare Systems or Applications
  • Proven success records of working with small and large healthcare organizations and hospitals across the globe.
  • Legacy Support and Staff Augmentation


Healthcare Organizations choose us as their healthcare IT partner based on our industry expertise, trust and innovative approaches that quickly help them:

  • Better Manage Costs through efficiency and improved performance
  • Decrease risk and improve compliances
  • Grow revenue through automated healthcare IT support and systems


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