Healthcare IT Outsourcing

Adding technological dimension to your hospital management services
Actionable Healthcare IT Outsourcing services and software solutions to remain competitive, relevant, and developing healthcare entity


Managed IT Outsourcing Services for Healthcare Industry


If embracing of technological advancement at par with contemporary IT developments is your healthcare service providing installation’s priority, then it is prudent to opt for healthcare IT outsourcing.


Your conscious decision to rely on our expertise comes accompanied with a volley of benefits, like:

  • Realistic and time-bound leap in revenues
  • Streamlining of basic and complex patient care servicesf
  • Improvement in quality, productivity and asset utilization
  • Build a software that is not so time consuming for doctors
  • Staying technologically relevant


Our IT services are empowered to meet entire spectrum of your needs. Convince yourself with the potency of healthcare IT solutions:

    • Customized to strategically align themselves with your organizational goals.
    • Comprehensiveness of services assures that all aspects of hospital management find adequate reflection in the outsourced plan
    • Customer-centric approach, optimal utilization of lazy assets and infrastructure
    • Development of agile applications that cater to patient needs’ intuitively
    • Other advantages ensure that your objectives are fully met in cost competitive manner


As the outsourced partner, we would be shouldering all responsibilities associated with maintaining of IT assets and related services. The entire array of service related worries would be taken care of by us.


Curtailing of manpower costs

  • No need to employ your own manpower on tenured basis
  • No need to bear manpower expenses in recurrent manner even after its utility has ended
  • Always avail services of professionals trained in latest technologies
  • No need to spend lavishly on exhaustive training of your own employees
  • No need to hire in-house HR team for recruitment, on-boarding and other talent hunt related processes


Further, the overall service charge that would be shelled out by you would stand at a fraction of the cost you would have borne if entire thing would be managed by in-house staff. At reduced risk level, you can optimize on the service efficiency of outsourced partner 24X7.


Any third party application required to be installed for driving the IT architecture would be the exclusive responsibility of us.


Few facts and happenings in Healthcare IT outsourcing:

    • Aggressive build-out of cloud computing platforms by companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon is pushing the global server forecast to reach 5.6 percent growth in 2017
    • Healthcare providers in the country are expected to witness a marginal 3.4% uptick in their IT spend at $1.2 billion this year, Global consultancy firm Gartner said.
    • Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.5 trillion in 2017, a 2.7% increase from 2016, according to IT consultancy firm Gartner, Inc.


You would also benefit from insights offered by our technical team while framing your strategies, designing budget, or planning. Our expertise while predicting the nature and extent of IT expenses. Ability to deploy IT resources in proactive manner to mitigate impending risks, enhance productivity and live up to the expectations of patients


Leverage your service potential for optimal ROI and customer satisfaction now!! Jump on the bandwagon and stand benefitted from cutting edge Healthcare IT services.


The Gateway Advantage


Gateway Technolabs provide end-to-end healthcare IT outsourcing services that are backed by more than 20 years of expertise in Healthcare domain. From tech excellence to real world affordability, our managed IT and healthcare outsourcing solutions brings your hospital reliable, powerful, systemetic approach to patients services.


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