Healthcare Management Information Systems

A Complete Range of Healthcare IT Management Services and Solutions


Gateway TechnoLabs is a pioneer in providing healthcare IT and consulting solutions to many healthcare organizations and hospitals across north America and Europe. Gateway has provided custom healthcare management information systems along with healthcare content management systems.


We are driven by new challenges in the healthcare industry and work on all possibilities to make it in form of health management information system by shaping it smoother and simpler.

Our customized Healthcare Data Analytics platform collects the data, organize it into actionable knowledge and analytics reports gives healthcare organizations a systematic quality data analytics for all the departments in one dashboard which enables them to run their organizations more effectively.


Our diversified team of healthcare IT professionals and experts, as well as our advisory team, offer years of cross-functional experience and expertise across various modules and systems in the healthcare industry. Our service areas comprise of business strategy, project planning & execution, marketing & sales, patient experience and healthcare content management systems.


Our healthcare IT experts and consultants provide a strategic planning and execution of your information system with advanced technologies such as managed application systems, migration, big data and cloud-based solutions.

Healthcare Management Systems


Healthcare Information Systems designed and developed by us are easy to access, fast, and flexible which reduce cost and improves the quality.


Key Features of Health Management Information Systems:

  • Easy to access
  • Full of flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Business process and objectives are designed with interactive graphical interface
  • Automated workflow management and real-time analytics
  • Network management
  • Integration with mobile app (ios and android)
  • Claims processing and monitoring
  • Complaints and grievances management
  • Client billing
  • Reporting


A Complete Range of Healthcare IT Management Services and Solutions


We are committed to providing our customers cost effective use of our healthcare management information systems and on-site support which enables patient care and management. In addition to the implementation, integration, and optimization of large-scale information systems are comprised of the highest level of security.


If you’re seeking a healthcare management systems which takes care of all your health management information systems and operational needs so you can focus more on patient care and business agility. Our healthcare IT professionals and consultants speak your language. We can help your organization meet goals by providing seasoned healthcare IT consultants, project leaders, analysts and technical support team.


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