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We offer compliance driven technology and software solutions for product standardizations, ICD10 transformations, healthcare intelligence and analytics, and customer care management systems. These also include medical insurance claim processing solutions that bring operational excellence for healthcare insurance companies with online processing, improved review mechanism, and better workflow with related analytics. Our billing management system supports risk and insurance managers for claims related billing that comply with specific EDI formats.


We offer following services:

  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Customer Care Management
  • Regulatory Compliance - ICD 10 transformations
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Healthcare Intelligence & Analytics
  • Billing Platform
  • EDI Platform
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Healthcare IT Solutions
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We have served healthcare providers worldwide for over a decade and offer technology services and solutions to automate care practices and streamline clinical operations. Our product suites off patient practice management through electronic medical records. Our electronic healthcare record management platforms help solve bottlenecks that lie between patients and physicians with clinics and insurance records and that too in real time. We ensure that our offerings meet the most stringent regulatory demands and compliances such as HIPPA, ICD, HITTEC, CCHIT, HIMSS, Level 4 and HL7.


We offer following services:

  • Patient Practice Management
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Regulatory Compliances - HIPPA, HITTEC, CCHIT, HIMSS, Level 4 and HL7
  • ICD 9 to 10 transition services
  • Integrated clinical services
  • BI Analytics
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Medical Software Development Services
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Healthcare distributors use our services to smoothen their entire distribution process and to integrate and collaborate effectively. Our portfolio covers medical supplies, pharmacies and customer relations. Our integrated retail management solution serve customers in more than 50 pharmacy chain outlets and help to manage more than 100000 drugs listings. Our CRM platform for hospital networks helps to collaborate and communicate between customers, hospitals and their agents.


We offer following services:

  • Integrated Pharmacy Retail Management
  • Health Check Device Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Mobility enabled on road safety
  • Intelligent Facility Management
  • Big data and Analytics
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Distributed Healthcare Apps Development Company

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