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Healthcare Software Solutions


Stimulating successful HIPAA compliant healthcare software development from patient management systems, to medical devices, to EMR everything has changed when compared to traditional software. Nowadays features of Healthcare software prefers seamless domain expertise, methodology, and architecture patterns. We believe that healthcare projects are unique and sensitive so each requirement needs a separate domain expertise instead of universal principles. The specific domain expertise for healthcare merged with best practices of healthcare software development can significantly create a crystal-clear roadmap to success.


By understanding the criticalities, tech experts at Gateway develops next-generation healthcare applications that allow to scale it in sync with the business. We understand:

  • Software requirements depend on the specialization of the clinical users
  • Patient privacy is top most concern to be taken care off
  • Map it accurately to make sure existing business processes are in place
  • Build a software that is not so time consuming for doctors
  • More emphasis on software validation than verification
  • Changes are mandate so database designs need to be flexible


Our contribution in custom software development for Healthcare industry are:

    • EMR softwrae
    • EHR software
    • CRM Development
    • Patient Management
    • Medical Billing software
    • Mobile Health Applications
    • Business intelligence and Reporting software


When we start with the requirements gathering phase, the tech team performs a deep research and interact with the clinical staff to stay updated about the current happenings. This becomes a great benefit and ensures a complete accuracy in understanding the requirement at a shorter span.


Also, as we start with healthcare application development, we ensure about the balance access control and audit trail mechanisms. The software follows all privacy laws at the same time should not provide any restrictions to the end user.


Stages we follow as a healthcare software development company:

  • Prototype: Requirement understanding and mapping it with existing process
  • Presentation: Presenting the prototype to all members involved on both the fronts
  • Update: Feedback implementation as per the suggestions


Mobile first approach have win the hearts of end users in healthcare industry. Every web applications goes mobile too. For this we have a separate team of healthcare mobile application development who creates the mobile version on any platform - Android, iPhone, Windows and others. Team has gained extensive knowledge after being part of developing more than 100 IT solutions for healthcare.


If you need to hire healthcare software developers or looking to outsource healthcare development tasks get in touch with Gateway today. We are eager to serve you.


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