Our POC for a smart Green House, alerts uers through an app via embedded sensors, when the moisture in the soil gets low and start the water sprinklers or if there is lack adequate sun light, to turon-on artificial lighting to generate the required amound of heat within the Green House.



Manufacture Industry


Our applications production shop floor environment intelligently tracks various types inventories and generates alerts via email and SMS if the the inventory gets low or to order inventory in advance.


Automobile Industry

Our OBD systems extract data from a car and display important user defined information on mobile and even emails the same to the technician for further technical analysis. Our systems help mechanics repair cars with specific part-based repair instructions. These and several other systems are also connected through Apple's iOS Car Play platform and Google Android's Android Auto platform

Wearable Devices

We have created and deployed applications that connected Android and iOS smart watches to devices. We have systems where various wearable technology like Blood Pressure monitors and location montiors can seamlessly be integrated with mobile apps and even Navigation applications for Google Glass.



Health Industry

Our applications and systems for integrated health devices help the user connect to the remotely located doctors and help health care providers get remote real time information about a patient's health

Home Automation

Our apps interact and interface with GSM SIM card based Relay boxes through SMS’es sent to them. Based on the message received, the relay boxes prioritise various activities like turn on water pumps, open or close garage doors, turn on ventilation and air conditioners and even help users use their Mobile phones as remote controls.

Media and Advertising

We developed systems, applications, and programmes where users can remotely control, manage and display various audio-visual contents on Kiosks in live environments through the Internet. We also developed technology that display ads on a screens placed inside city cabs and taxis. Content can also be tailored to passengers and provide them with several value added services while travelling.


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