IT Infrastructure - Big Data Infrastructure

Navigate easily around complexities of data storage, utilization and analysis through our innovative Big Data Technology


Conventional technology platforms no longer address the data and processing requirements of new-age businesses that require emerging data-intensive analytics technology. Further, modern distributed computational platforms are not yet capable of addressing the global, elastic, and networked needs of business and scientific communities, which are required to produce and exploit huge quantities and variety of data.


Gateway TechnoLabs' Hybrid Data Infrastructure, offers a novel approach to this challenge, by integrating several technologies, including Grid and Cloud, which promises to offer the necessary management and usage capabilities required to implement the ‘Big Data’ enabled technologies.


Gateway TechnoLabs has implemented Big data infrastructure using large repositories of computational and storage resources by relying on a rich and open array of mediator services for interfacing with Grid, Commercial Cloud like Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 and Private Cloud like OpenNebula and OpenStack infrastructures.


We also offer geospatial storage systems, noSQL database like Cassandra and MongoDB, and reliable distributed computing platforms like Hadoop, which guarantee technological solutions that are suitable to manage volume, velocity, and variety posed by new technology patterns.


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