Mobility Service - Mobile Application Testing

Our Mobile App Testing experts have created niche expertise in delivering very high quality solutions. We have fully equipped state-of-the-art lab environment to test using industry standard tools and much matured processes.

At Gateway, with our ”Quality First” focused approach, we help you win in today’s extremely competitive mobile market by ensuring that the applications function as they are supposed to.

Mobile Application Testing Services are delivered by our QA experts who have experience working on various mobile platforms and using matured and proven testing processes and tools. Reduce your cost and time of testing by using our expertise in testing mobile platforms, browsers and configuration-specific quality issues.


Application Types:

  • Browser accessed via internet (with and without local component installation)
  • Installed on mobile platform (pre-installed or downloaded)
  • Auto-upgraded applications – Cloud and SaaS based



  • Usability Testing – To improve the user experience
  • Interface Testing – To test the navigation and flow of the application along with other menus and buttons
  • Compatibility Testing – To test the application on multiple OS, browsers and mobile devices
  • Operational Testing – To test how the application manages data backups and its recovery plan
  • Security Testing – To check whether the data captured through the application is well protected and secure
  • Services Testing – To validate the services of the application, both online and offline
  • Performance Testing – To validate the performance of the app in various scenarios – 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, battery consumption, document sharing, etc.
  • Installation Testing – To verify whether the app can be installed and uninstalled successfully on various devices
  • Low-Level Resource Testing – To check the functioning of the database, memory usage, etc.




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