Mobility Service - Mobility Enterprise Integration

Recharge and empower your organization, with our future oriented enterprise mobility solutions

Share Point Integration

We have a team of more than 50 SharePoint and Mobility experts, who understand integration to the core. We provide solutions that would help your users leverage on-premises SharePoint services and applications OR remote SharePoint services and applications that run in the cloud (such as those that use SharePoint Online)

Sales Force Automation:

Sales Force Automation and integration solutions are designed to help your key sales functions like managing orders, accessing product information, client information, and prepare sales plans, all from mobile applications.

Integration with ERP’s, CRM’s, and LOB Systems

With approaches like creating quick wrappers using HTML5 from scratch and seamlessly integrating critical business systems such as CRM, ERP or LOB systems, we help in achieving your business to mobility goals faster than what the industry currently offers. Our understanding and expertise in various industry domains help achieve this at a fraction of the cost compared to utilizing your own internal technology teams.

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