Product Engineering

Software Products that Act as Lifeline to more than 400 Nordic Government Entities
As innovation partner to 160 organizations including leading Fortune 500 companies, we today represent the entire Automotive, Banking & Finance, Retail, HR & Payroll, Media & Publishing, Healthcare and Hospitality Industry Products.


Our Achievements

We are innovation partners and have pioneered the overall Software Product Development process for several leading businesses worldwide. We help our customers stay competitive with our unique“Common Application Framework for Enterprises”


  • Simplified and automated ITIL service delivery processes for several Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations
  • HRM Product Suite that serves as a lifeline to 400 Government entities in the Nordic Region
  • More than 110 successful deliveries to 80 companies worldwide
  • 16000 merchants worldwide use our Payment Gateway Product Suite currently
  • Email Marketing Product that helps to deliver 20 million marketing emails and campaigns every month
  • Knowledge Management Product that serves as a training platform for more than 10000 students in 20 Universities in Europe every year

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