Development Methodology

Powerful and Agile Development Methodology with the Right Kind of Flexibility

Agile Methodology

Our Agile Development Methodology brings together the power of iterative methodologies and the flexibility of agile principles. We follow a disciplined development philosophy that combines our development experience with current industry standards.


The principles of agile methodologies resonate very well with our business model wherein we extend our development and management services to our clients worldwide. The process allows our development teams to effectively cater to the changing needs of businesses. Our Agile Development Methodology combines iterative development model with extreme programming optimized for offshore development model.

Agile + Scrum

Waterfall Model

The waterfall model is a sequential development process in which the development is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a Waterfall) through conceptualization to sustenance through to requirement specifications, design, development, testing and deployment.



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